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June 2012
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Chapter Officers


Samuel B. Seifert, MHA
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center  


Wendy Hicks, RN, MSN
Novant Health, Forsyth Medical Center 


Vivian Langley, MHA
Alamance Regional Medical Center

Sherry Nance, MHA, RT(R)(N), CNMT
High Point Regional Health System

Anthony Potter, CHPA-F, CPP, FAAFS, FACHE
Novant Health  

Immediate Past President

Pamela M. Sinclair, FACHE
Advanced Home Care

Implement Tactics to Foster Engagement

There are ways beyond stock options and profit-sharing to instill in workers a sense of ownership in the organization. To make workers feel they are helping to run the company, follow these steps:

Share information. Financial information is crucial; workers will question whether they’re really participating if finances are kept secret. But operational information is vital, too. Employees should understand how one person’s work affects others in the organization—the domino effect. Other information to share: strategies, successes (especially employee success stories), setbacks and internal and external pressures.

Teach. Employees may not be aware of what they need to know in order to understand company operations and ask intelligent questions. Explain what the numbers on your financial reports mean, and show how workers’ efforts affect the budgets and revenue in different areas.

Ask. Ask for and encourage participation. If trust is high between management and workers, your organization probably has high levels of participation already. If not, start with small, formal steps—for instance, create a committee to offer suggestions on how to improve operations.

Listen. To foster a sense of ownership, you must commit yourself to being open to new ideas from unexpected sources. Encourage employees to come to you with their ideas, and reward them for putting out the effort to do so.

Learn. Talk to your staff and learn who the influential employees are, who the “squeaky wheels” are and what kind of “grease” you’ll need to bring them on board.

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