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2014 Board Members
Vivian Langley, MHA
Alamance Regional Medical Center, Cone Health
(336) 538-7087

Garry Kauffman, MPA, FACHE, RRT, FAARC
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
(336) 713-2906

Julie Idoine, MHA
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
(336) 716-4771

Katy Davis, MHA
Alamance Regional Medical Center, Cone Health
(336) 538-7881

Immediate Past President
Sherry Nance, MHA, RT-R,N, CNMT
Cone Health
(336) 832-7331

Education Liaison
Carol A. Vogt, Dr.P.H., MSN
Pfeiffer University
(704) 945-7318

Student Associate
Michelle Bednarek, BA, CphT
Cone Health
(336) 297-2253
Message from Your ACHE Regent - Winter 2013-2014



This will be my last "Message from your ACHE Regent" as my term will end next month. As I said in the last newsletter, my three year term has been a blast. My reason for wanting to be your Regent was simply to give something back to our professional organization that has meant so much to me throughout my career. I thank everyone who has been so helpful to me. I continue to be so impressed with the high degree of professionalism and passion that is pervasive throughout our industry.

Our new Regent for North Carolina will be Joann Anderson, FACHE, President of Southeastern Health in Lumberton. I know Joann will do a great job for us. Joann's term will begin during the 2014 Congress in March.


ACHE breakfast at NCHA Winter Meeting

We typically have over 100 ACHE members at the annual breakfast held as part of the NCHA Winter Meeting. We will do it again on Feb. 21 in Cary. Meeting details and registration can be found at
The speaker at the breakfast will be Carol A. Lovin, Executive Vice President for Strategy, Planning and Communications, Carolinas Healthcare System. Recognition of the Regent Awards for senior executives and young careerists will also be on the program.

2014 ACHE Congress

The largest gathering of healthcare management executives in the world will be at the 2014 ACHE Congress in Chicago, March 24-27. Registration details are at

Tuition waivers for Congress are available for those in career transition or whose organizations lack the resources to fund education activities. To request a waiver, go to

ACHE Board Chairman Diana L. Smalley, FACHE attended the Greater Charlotte chapter annual meeting on January 23.


How are supportive business cultures created in fast growing organizations (or organizations that are changing, or need to change, fast)?

Have you seen or heard about the movie "The Wolf of Wall Street"? I wanted to see the movie but after hearing about the vileness and unnecessary foul language, I decided to not subject myself to such stuff. However, as you will read in the article in the New York Times, the movie's story line does have some interesting lessons regarding how to build a culture that will support the mission of a fast moving company.

The writer of the article mentions the following observations:

...Can't build/change a culture in a comfort zone

...There is a potential for a dark side in the drive to be first/best

...Ordinary people must be developed into passionate supporters of the mission

...if the mission is only about money, it won't last

...There is a place for a "company rally cry" specific to the mission

...Culture must be supportive of underlings challenging the top leaders who might stray from the mission

...Hire leaders with huge egos, but teach/expect teamwork. (Interesting ideas about teamwork, read the article.)

I am not suggesting that the writer is correct in all his points or that you should pay money to see the movie or that our missions in healthcare management are anything close to a Wall Street culture, however I do believe that workplace culture will be the deciding factor for success or failure.

My hope is that 2014 is already looking like a successful year for all ACHE members.

Cheers to you all. I encourage us all to remember that eventually all we do is about our patients and/or those who receive our healthcare services.

As always, I also encourage you to "pray for those who suffer, especially if you don't."

I welcome your thoughts.

John Roberts, FACHE
ACHE Regent for North Carolina

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Congratulations to David E. Loving, FACHE, in Elkin for achieving FACHE status in 2013!

Welcome To Our Newest Members

Stephen Maxwell, GE Healthcare; Kanda Idol; Amanda Kilgore, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; Lyndey Gamble, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; Erik Lilje, Cardinal Health; LaTasha Siler, Business Control Systems; Elisabeth Stambaugh, MD, Cornerstone Health Care