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Lead by Example: Know the Qualities of a Good Leader
Prep to Present to the C-Suite or the Board
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2014 Board Members
Vivian Langley, MHA
Alamance Regional Medical Center, Cone Health
(336) 538-7087

Garry Kauffman, MPA, FACHE, RRT, FAARC
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
(336) 713-2906

Julie Idoine, MHA
Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center
(336) 716-4771

Katy Davis, MHA
Alamance Regional Medical Center, Cone Health
(336) 538-7881

Immediate Past President
Sherry Nance, MHA, RT-R,N, CNMT
Cone Health
(336) 832-7331

Education Liaison
Carol A. Vogt, Dr.P.H., MSN
Pfeiffer University
(704) 945-7318

Student Associate
Michelle Bednarek, BA, CphT
Cone Health
(336) 297-2253
Prep to Present to the C-Suite or the Board

Presenting to a group of executives or your organization’s board of trustees doesn’t have to be terrifying. Follow these tips to impress even the most intimidating top-level execs:

  • Stay focused. Don’t attempt to wow executives by covering every great idea you have. Answer specific requests succinctly but thoroughly. Concentrate on a few key takeaways and nothing more. If you are asked to present on something specific, do that.
  • Expect interruptions. Powerful people are busy and may be pulled out of the discussion as urgent issues pop up. Prepare material for just half the time you are allotted. If you are scheduled 30 minutes, create a 15-minute presentation that you know backwards and forwards. That way you cover key points should interruptions eat up some of your time. If you are lucky enough to experience few or no interruptions, use the rest of the time for Q&A and to clarify any confusion.
  • Plan for every response. You need to be able to answer every question and respond to every comment quickly and accurately. Study and rehearse to ensure that you present a confident and knowledgeable image.

If possible, meet with a group of colleagues and ask them to drive you with challenging questions so that you can prepare for anything that could potentially come your way.

—Adapted from “5 Ways to Wow Execs—Don’t Get Mad, Get Even More Prepared,” Nancy Duarte,

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Register Now for Our First Event of 2014
Integrating Acute to Post Acute Care Settings: Where Do We Go From Here?
Thursday, February 27, 2014, 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Wake Forest BioTech Place, 595 Patterson Place, Winston Salem
For more details or to register, click here.

Congratulations to David E. Loving, FACHE, in Elkin for achieving FACHE status in 2013!

Welcome To Our Newest Members

Stephen Maxwell, GE Healthcare; Kanda Idol; Amanda Kilgore, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; Lyndey Gamble, Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center; Erik Lilje, Cardinal Health; LaTasha Siler, Business Control Systems; Elisabeth Stambaugh, MD, Cornerstone Health Care