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2015 Board Members
Garry Kauffman, MPA, FACHE, RRT, FAARC
Wake Forest Baptist Health
(336) 713-2906

Katy Davis, MHA
Cone Health
(336) 832-7396

Deana Knight, MSN, HSAD, CEO
Select Specialty Hospital-Greensboro
(336) 832-8571

Michelle Bednarek, MHA, CHC, CPhT
Cone Health
(336) 218-8460

Lisa Pennington, FACHE, M.Ed., CCC-SLP
Cone Health
(336) 538-7517

Kwadwo Frimpong-Badu
(405) 219-0130

Immediate Past President
Vivian Langley, MHA
Cone Health
(336) 538-7087

Education Chair
Bridgett Sellars, PhD, RN, FACHE
AMN Healthcare
(336) 209-4933

Sponsorship Chair
Mark Watson, MPT, OCS, MBA
Watson Healthcare Solutions
(412) 302-1668

Audit Chair
Brad Marino, MPH, FACHE
Fellowship Hall
(336) 580-9198

Recruitment Chair
Michael Duke
(336) 416-0568

Education Liaison
Carol Vogt, Dr.P.H., MSN
Pfeiffer University
(704) 945-7318

Student Associate
Eleanor Rivers
Cone Health
(336) 254-6720
12 Things Successful Leaders Never Tolerate

Tolerance, for the most part, is an excellent trait. Accepting difference enriches both lives and organizations. However, there are some aspects of life that should never be tolerated, most importantly because they can tear down your success. Start by making the below list intolerable both for you and those around you.

1. Dishonesty. Living honestly brings peace to you and others. Dishonesty places a false reality on your life and is an easy way to bring down success.
2. Boredom. It tends to be the case that successful people are usually exploring something new. Life is too short to be inactive and remain in your comfort zone. Get out there and do something you’ve never done before.
3. Mediocrity. Settling for less is a huge temptation, and one that is easy to take. What makes people stand out is their willingness to strive for more and make tough decisions that can lead to a life of greatness.
4. Negativity. Every negative thought you have keeps you from being your best. If you hear yourself complaining either out loud or to yourself, find a way to shut it down and bring out the best in any situation.
5. Toxicity. Whether at work or at home, a toxic environment can leave you feeling ill. If something doesn’t feel right, makes you tired or fills you with dread, either cut it loose or brainstorm ways to improve upon the situation.
6. Disorganization. Clutter and disorder cause stress and affects your emotional and mental well-being. Get rid of what you don’t need and keep everything else where it belongs. Come up with an organizational system that works for you and stick to it.
7. Unhealthiness. Unhealthy food, relationships, habit—unhealthy anything—affects every aspect of your life. Remind yourself you deserve better and then give yourself better. Consciously make the decision that is healthiest for you.
8. Regret. Regrets are a fact of life, but dwelling on them will only bring you down. Find peace with yourself that whatever happens happens. Learn from it, right whatever you can—and then leave it behind.
9. Disrespect. Relationships are vital for success and respect is vital for relationships. Disrespect, no matter the form or who it may be directed toward, is one of the most destructive forces you can harbor. While cliché, it’s important to think of the Golden Rule: Treat others how you would want to be treated.
10. Distrust. This can be bred through a succession of tiny compromises over time, so be mindful. Focus on growing your own integrity and surround yourself with others who do the same.
11. Anger. Anger is something none of us can avoid, and used positively, it can motivate you to action. But holding onto it is paralyzing and accomplishes nothing. Learn to direct anger toward problems, not people, and then work to get over the thing that made you angry in the first place.
12. Control. There are some things you will never be able to control. Focus your energy on what you can and learn to let go of the rest.

—Adapted from “12 Things That Successful Leaders Never Tolerate,” by Lolly Daskal

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Welcome To Our Newest Members
We are excited to welcome the newest members of ACHE of the Triad: Scott Baka (LabCorp), Thomas Bauer (Novant Health), Todd Clark (Novant Health), James Dodds, Roderick Fuller, Christie Haugh (UNC), Tiffany Jones (Wake Forest Baptist Health), and Elesha Kirkland (Novant Health).  We look forward to seeing you at an upcoming event!

Congratulations to our New and Recertified Fellows
Recertified: Brad Marino (Fellowship Hall)