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Summer 2017
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President's Message
National News Q2 2017
Tapping Community Physicians for Innovation Ideas
6 Tips for Working With a Poor Team Player
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2017 Board Members
Michelle Bednarek, MHA, CHC, CPhT
(336) 663-5146

Olu Jegede, MD
(336) 832-4496

Robert Wallace, MHA
(910) 200-9589

Immediate Past President and Acting Education Chair
Katy Davis, MHA
(336) 663-5540

Sponsorship Chair
Erik Lilje, FACHE
(336) 327-2837

Audit Chair
Dave Jenkins, MA, MBA
(336) 832-7840

Membership Chair
Don Huston, FACHE
(336) 832-7545

Education Liaison
Carol Vogt, Dr.P.H., MSN
(704) 945-7318

Student Associates
Amari Earley

President's Message
Michelle Bednarek
ACHE of the Triad,
I would like to begin by recognizing the success of our 3 panel, 4.5 face-to-face credit, event on May 19. The ambiance of that day captured exactly why we are in this organization: for leaders who care. All three panels pushed conversation of how to incorporate additional principles of empathy in how we lead. I thank you for attending and supporting this event. I look forward to the events we are planning for the remainder of this year...
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Register Now - Summer Networking
Join us for networking at Horigan's House of Taps
July 20, 2017, 5:30pm - 7:30pm
Click here to register. We hope to see you there!

Join our Team
Do you have ideas for topics you would like to see included in our education programs? Reach out to Katy Davis ( to learn more about how you can become involved!

National News Q2 2017
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Tapping Community Physicians for Innovation Ideas

 Community physicians who work outside major medical centers represent a wealth of expertise that could guide innovation efforts if mobilized, according to Adam O. Kadlec, MD, a board-certified urologist at Western Michigan Urological Associates. Kadlec provided tips to help inspire community physicians to get more involved... Read more

6 Tips for Working With a Poor Team Player

 Working with someone who isn't a team player is not just frustrating, it can also negatively affect an entire group's performance, according to a recent Harvard Business Review article. Read more

Join the ACHE Official Group on LinkedIn
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