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Winter 2016
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Management Innovations Poster Session at the 2017 Congress on Healthcare Leadership
Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research at 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership
IFD, ACHE Alliance to Expand Healthcare Internships for Diverse Individuals
ACHE Call for Nominations for the 2018 Slate
Your Career is a Marathon
Announcements from the HCAT Membership and Advancement Committee
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Change Management: Supporting Transitioning Teams
New Degree Programs at Eastern Virginia Medical School
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2016 HCAT Board

Executive Officers:

President: Eric Young, FACHE

President-Elect: Samantha Kern

Treasurer: Vacant

Secretary: Meredith Strand

Past President: Maria Kronenburg

Members at Large:

Kelly W. Brown

Mary K. Cothran, FACHE

John Harding, FACHE

Keith Buckley, FACHE

Leigh Starr, FACHE

Ruth Holmes

Steve Friedrich, FACHE 

Regent - Dolores G. Clement, FACHE  


Announcements from the HCAT Membership and Advancement Committee

HCAT Membership and Advancement Committee members: Leigh Starr, Ruth Holmes, Mary Cothran, Becky Schulkowski, Ricardo Gonzales.  We are always looking for new committee members!  Please contact Leigh Starr at leigh.starr@va.gov if interested.

On October 26th, the HCAT Membership and Advancement Committee hosted a networking event in Newport News at Smoke BBQ. Thanks to those members who came out to join us for dinner and a service drive to benefit one of our local food banks as they geared up for the Thanksgiving holiday.

This past year, we have also held a Fellow Advancement event in Colonial Williamsburg and a networking event in Hampton. Our next event will likely be held on the Southside. Please send ideas for future networking events and venues to us at leigh.starr@va.gov.  

On behalf of the HCAT Membership and Advancement Committee, we would like to congratulate the following HCAT members recently advancing to Fellow:


LCDR James A. Ketzler, RN, FACHE, Chesapeake


Judith N. Cole, FACHE, Virginia Beach

Rebecca Schulkowski, PharmD, FACHE, Williamsburg


As well all know, advancement represented a signifiican commitment. Congratulations on a job well done!

We would also like to extend congratulations to Fellows having recently recertified:


Teresa L. Edwards, FACHE, Newport News

Julie R. Hicketheir, RN, FACHE, Seeley Lake

Joseph M. Oddis, FACHE, Arnold


Alison G. Land, FACHE, Virginia Beach


CAPT. Mark R. Munson, FACHE, Portsmouth


Bruce Lo, MD, FACHE, Virginia Beach


Benefits of ACHE Membership

If you have colleagues who are considering membership in the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE), as an ACHE member yourself, you are likely conversant with the benefits membership brings. In addition to your encouragement to join ACHE, here are some benefits to share with prospective members (as found on ACHE.org):

  • Networking Opportunities: Exchange ideas and forge valuable connections with 40,000 healthcare leaders across the continuum of care through mentoring opportunities, ACHE's official LinkedIn Group, seminars and meetings. In addition, ACHE's network of 80 chapters brings educational programming and networking opportunities locally to members. Membership dues include both national and chapter membership, giving you two memberships at one reasonable price. Opportunites also exist for members to join specialized communites such as the Physician Executives Forum-created for physician leaders in management roles, and the Healthcare Consultants Forum-exclusively designed for healthcare consultants by offering resources tailored to their unique career development needs.
  • Educational Seminars: Gain knowledge from ACHE's top-notch educational offerings. More than 150 premier educational programs address today's most critical healthcare management topics. These programs honor ACHE's commitment to lifelong learning and are designed to provide the advanced skills and actionable strategies leaders need to be successful in this a dynamic healthcare environment.
  • Congress on Healthcare Leadership: This premier event offices more than 140 educational sessions for career and leadership growth, unrivaled opportunities to network with more than 4,000 peers and access to the latest trends and nation's top thought leaders.
  • Career Services: ACHE supports your career through the Career Resource Center, giving you the tools you need to manage your career, increase your marketability and ensure you are prepared for the next phase of your professional development, including the new CareerEDGE™ - an interactive and comprehensive tool for planning and managing a career. The Job Center enables members to search for positions and resumes. You will also find an array of assessments, career transitioning services, career and leadership networks, and more, listed on ache.org/CareerResources.
  • Premier Credential: ACHE's FACHE® credential - signifying board certification in healthcare management - is an important step in the career advancement of healthcare executives. Having the FACHE credential demonstrates these leaders' competence, dedication to the field and commitment to lifelong learning - key assets for any professional. In fact, more than 40 executive search firms agreed that when they interview candidates for executive leadership positions, those who are board certified in healthcare management have a significant advantage over those who are not. visit ache.org/CareerResources for details on the criteria and requirements for attaining Fellow status.
  • Publications: Additional learning opportunities come in the form of ACHE's highly regarded magazine, Healthcare Executive, and its two journals, the Journal of Healthcare Management and Frontiers of Health Services Management. Adding to the body of knowledge is ACHE's publishing division, Health Administration Press. Through these publications, ACHE provides leaders with practical solutions to key healthcare leadership challenges.
  • Ethical decision making: ACHE serves as a beacon for ethical and professional conduct within the healthcare management field. ACHE members must adhere to a Code of Ethics, helping ensure integrity in the field.


Access Complimentary Resources for the Board of Governors Exam

For Members starting on the journey to attain board certification and the FACHE® credential, ACHE offers complimentary resources to help them succeed so they can be formally recognized for their competency, professionalism, ethical decision making and commitment to lifelong learning. These resources, which include The Board of Governors Examination in Healthcare Management Reference Manual and Quarterly Advancement Information Webinars are designed to be supplements to other available Board of Governors Exam Study resources, such as The Board of Governors Review Course and Online Tutorial

  • The Reference Manual, found at www.ache.org/FACHE , includes a practice 230-question exam and answer key, a list of recommended readings, test-taker comments and study tips.
  • Fellow Advancement Information webinars provide a general overview of the Fellow advancement process, including information about the Board of Governors Exam and allow participants to ask questions about the advancement process. 



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Save the Date for the 2017 Congress on Healthcare Leadership

The American College of Healthcare Executives’ Congress on Healthcare Leadership brings you the best in professional development, opportunities to network with and learn from peers, and the latest information to enhance your career and address your organization's challenges in innovative ways. The 2017 Congress on Healthcare Leadership, “Discovering Possibilities & Opportunities,” will be held March 27–30 at the Hilton Chicago/Palmer House Hilton.

Join us in 2017 and be part of this dynamic, energizing event that draws the top healthcare leaders from across the nation and around the world.

This premier healthcare leadership event provides:

  • Access to more than 150 cutting-edge professional development sessions
  • Networking opportunities with more than 4,200 professionals from around the globe
  • Innovative solutions from the nation's top thought leaders
  • The latest tools and techniques designed to enhance your career

The opening date for Congress 2017 registration and to reserve hotel accommodations was Nov. 16.


2017 Programming Committee

Samantha Kern, Programs Committee Chair, Michele Carroll, Chernelle Hill, Kelly Brown, Tyrone Davis, Mandi Smith

The 2017 HCAT Events Calendar is in production. Please send any suggestions for topics, networking, or community events to Michele Carroll, 2017 Program Committee Chair (mgcarro1@sentara.com)  



Please contact us at Hcat@achemail.net or visit out website at www.hcat.ache.org