Healthcare Administrators of Tidewater - Summer 2017  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Message from Your HCAT President
•  Member Reflections
•  Message from Your ACHE Regent
•  Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research at 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership
•  ACHE Call for Nominations for the 2018 Slate
•  Tapping Community Physicians for Innovation Ideas
•  The Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program - Now Accepting Applicants
•  Write an Article for the HCAT Newsletter


The Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program - Now Accepting Applicants


Please help us spread the word about the open application period for the 2018 Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program (  

During this year-long program, scholars benefit from specialized curriculum opportunites to develop strategies for successful navigation of potential career challenges and enhance executive presence, one-on-one interaction with a specially selected mentor, and participation in formal leadership education and career assessments. Enhanced self-awareness, critical leadership skills, and an expanded network of leaders will help prepare scholars to ascend to C-suite roles in hospitals, health systems and other healthcare organizations.

Visit for more information or to apply. If you have questions about the program, please contact Cie Armstead, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, ACHE at or (312) 424-9306.

The Foundation of ACHE's Fund for Healthcare Leadership accepts donations to the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program. Gifts - no matter the amount - help shape the future of healthcare leadership. Visit to make your donation.