Healthcare Administrators of Tidewater - Summer 2017  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  Message from Your HCAT President
•  Member Reflections
•  Message from Your ACHE Regent
•  Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research at 2018 Congress on Healthcare Leadership
•  ACHE Call for Nominations for the 2018 Slate
•  Tapping Community Physicians for Innovation Ideas
•  The Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program - Now Accepting Applicants
•  Write an Article for the HCAT Newsletter


Message from Your HCAT President

Samantha Kern, President

A message from your HCAT President discussing the upcoming event, board of director changes, and other information.

HCAT Members,

I’d like to start our newsletter with a Hail and Farewell. I’d like to thank Kelly Brown and Becky Schulkowski.  Kelly has been a dedicated and passionate member of our chapter and the Board for many years and in nearly every role and has taken a step back to focus on her family. Becky, President-Elect, accepted a promotion and has relocated to the Florida area. I am thankful for Kelly and Becky’s many hours of service to HCAT and the lasting impression they’ve made on our chapter. I’d like to congratulate Meredith Strand who was voted into the President-Elect role. Meredith most recently acted as Secretary to HCAT and has been an active member with HCAT and ACHE. I’d also like to congratulate JD McCoy on his election to the Secretary position. JD has been a volunteer with the Communications Committee for the past few years and was recently voted onto the Board. 

With these changes, HCAT has the opportunity to add a few members to the Board of Directors. If you are interested in this or would like to get involved on a committee or special project, please contact us at


Samantha Kern

HCAT President


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