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From the Regent's Desk
by David D. Clark, FACHE

Dear UHE Chapter Colleagues,

As recently discussed during our UHE Chapter meeting, the American College of Healthcare Executives is the premier professional society for health care leaders throughout the United States in many parts of the world. The ACHE has four values that all of us embrace, including integrity, lifelong learning, leadership, and diversity. During these troubling economic times, I feel it’s more important than ever to embrace the values of ACHE.

Integrity: As we strive to become more creative than ever in finding best practices and implementing those practices, it’s important that we do so with integrity in all our decision making processes. The challenge to become more efficient operationally has never been greater. Whether we are striving to improve our revenue cycle, strengthen our supply chain management, or improve employee productivity, we should always do so within the frame works of integrity in our decision making process and being leaders with integrity.

Lifelong Learning:  Many of us are scrambling right now to learn all we can to keep our organization financially solvent. We have a community stewardship to provide quality and affordable care. Our commitment to lifelong learning challenges each of us to stay current on Joint Commission standards, CMS core measures, 2009 patient safety goals, operational improvement initiatives, and the list goes on and on. We should always promote a learning organization and commit ourselves to be lifelong learners. 

Leadership:  Of course, to get through turbulent times, strong leadership is needed. The ACHE provides a number of educational opportunities, including the ACHE Congress on Healthcare Leadership, to help us improve our leadership skills so that we can make better decisions for the organizations we represent. A number of other opportunities for developing our leadership skills are available to all ACHE members either through our local chapter of UHE or at the national level from ACHE educational offerings.

Diversity: As you all know, the ACHE embraces diversity in health care leadership. The College advocates inclusion and embraces the differences of those with whom we work and the communities we serve.

In conclusion, as the Regent for Utah, I am very interested in helping all members of UHE understand the vision and values of the College. By so doing, I believe that we will be better people, better leaders, and as a result, we will strengthen the mission of ACHE which is “to advance our members and healthcare management excellence.”

David D. Clark, FACHE
Regent for Utah

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