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Messages from our Chapter Leaders
President's Message
Janelle Robinson, FACHE

I wrote in the last newsletter about navigating personal change along with the challenges and uncertainties that accompany change. Well, it would seem that the time has come once again for change. I am ending my two year term as President for Utah Healthcare Executives at the end of March. I’ve spent the last few weeks really thinking about what I might say to you in my last newsletter article before passing duties over to Josh Spaulding, the incoming President. I have decided to share with you my top 3 lessons learned during my role as President at UHE.

  1. Do not underestimate the importance of networking – By the time I finished graduate school, I never wanted to hear the word “networking” again. It seemed that every event and every piece of advice included something about networking. Call me naïve, but at that time I truly didn’t understand the value of networking. Being a member of UHE has created an opportunity to create lasting professional and personal relationships with people whom I deeply admire which is the very essence of networking. These connections have made me a better healthcare leader and given me valuable connections into the future.
  2. The best networking is done by working/giving back– I often have students or early careerists inquire about how to make valuable connections in the healthcare field and to influential mentors. The very best way is to volunteer or work alongside a mentor. I have seen this happen on many UHE committees and have seen firsthand the opportunities that have blossomed from hard work at volunteering. If you are looking to make connections and relationships, please volunteer on a UHE committee.
  3. UHE is valuable because of our members – A professional association isn’t much without members. And I would confidently say that we are lucky in Utah to be surrounded by great healthcare leaders at all levels who are actively involved and support UHE. Your support and involvement is what sustains this organization.

I have full confidence in the incoming leadership of UHE. Josh Spaulding has been part of our board for many years and will continue to lead us well. In addition, we have incredible and dedicated board members and committees who willingly give their time to serve you. I send you my heartfelt gratitude for giving me this opportunity.  Onward!

Janelle Robinson, FACHE
UHE President
Senior Director of Clinical Operations, University Neuropsychiatric Institute

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