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From the Regent's Desk
Amanda Choudhary, MHA, MA, FACHE
In January our country celebrated Martin Luther King Jr. Day. It’s a day for celebrating inclusion, service, and the things that connect us all as humans.
Also in January my father had open heart surgery. After a couple days in the hospital, it started to become a joke and challenge on his care team that my dad insisted on finding a connection with every person who came into his patient room. “You’re from Vietnam! I’ve always wanted to go there!” and “You love music too! Have you ever heard of Steve Halpern’s healing station on Pandora?!”… and on and on.  Three days post-op my dad even said to his nurse, “it would sure be nice to talk to someone else who has been through this too.” Making connections was so important to him at such a scary time.
My dad received care at a hospital where the members of his care team, as well as his patient room neighbors, came from all over the world. Yet my dad was able to find a connection with each of them, and having witnessed it, I have no doubt those connections sped his healing process.
“I know there is strength in the differences between us. I know there is comfort where we overlap.”—Ani DiFranco
Amanda Choudhary, FACHE 
Regent for Utah 
Admin Director 
Intermountain Healthcare - Primary Children's Hospital 
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