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Messages from our Chapter Leaders
President's Message
Josh Spaulding, MHA, FACHE

May, 6, 2019 -- The days are getting warmer and longer! I love the transition from winter to spring to summer! This is a time of  growth and new opportunities. Many of our student members are graduating from their respective universities and are embarking on the beginning of their professional careers. For others, there are increased responsibilities in current positions and maybe even transitions to new positions. Whatever the circumstances may be, now is a great time to take an assessment of where you are in your career, and determine what next steps you want to take to achieve professionally.

I had a great opportunity recently to participate in a golf tournament that the Utah Healthcare Executives were able to be one of the sponsors of. I was paired with a student and two additional leaders. Not only did we have a nice day on the course, we had an opportunity to take the time get to know each other by asking questions about backgrounds, discussing the paths our professional careers have taken, and sharing advice that we feel would be beneficial to develop ourselves professionally.

This was a great chance for me to reflect upon my own professional journey and the opportunities I have had in my career to this point. One item that I’d like to mention is that of giving back. I have been blessed over the years with great mentors and many opportunities to serve. For me, this is the value of the Utah Healthcare Executives. I am able to rub shoulders with great leaders and those in the earlier stages of their careers that are interested in making connections and developing themselves professionally. I would encourage you, whether you are an executive mentoring a new student, a colleague willing to take a phone call from a peer wanting to learn about your organization, or just participating in events and networking, that you take the time to give back in whatever form that may be.

I hope that if you have a desire to become more involved in the Utah Healthcare Executives that you will take advantage of our educational opportunities and other events. For those who would like to give back, we are always looking for individuals to participate on our various committees that enable us to put on great events for our members.

As you enjoy the warmer weather and longer days, in addition to working on your golf game, consider putting time into your professional development or those of others.  I'll leave you with this thought from Mahatma Gandhi; “The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

I hope to see each of you at our upcoming panel discussions and events!


Josh Spaulding, FACHE

UHE President

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