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From the Regent's Desk
Amanda Choudhary, MHA, MA, FACHE

June 4, 2019 -- Happy Summer everyone! And summer couldn’t come at a better time.  Last week the World Health Organization (WHO) brought attention to the topic of “burnout” by updating the definition of it in the new ICD-11 which will go into effect in 2022. The new ICD-11 handbook will define burnout as a syndrome specifically tied to chronic workplace stress. 

Some folks say they deal with workplace stress by getting outside, which summer brings plenty of opportunity to do - hiking, fishing, golfing, etc… Others see summer as a time to travel and take a vacation to relax.  Personally, I love to travel and summer is definitely a time of travel for my family. I find that the days away from the office, whether visiting extended family, or relaxing by a pool, or exploring a new city and meeting new people help me digest everything going on at work and reflect on the big picture.

As healthcare leaders, it’s important that we take care of ourselves to best address burnout in our teams and organizations. Just like on an airplane - put on your own oxygen mask before helping others.

So I’m curious… what helps you avoid burnout personally?  And does finding ways to cope with work stress actually prevent burnout?  Or if burnout is a result of chronic workplace stress, perhaps finding ways to relax outside of work doesn’t actually solve the problem?  I’m curious what you think. Shoot me an email and let me know! Amanda.choudhary@imail.org

Amanda Choudhary, FACHE
Regent for Utah

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