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Q2 2020
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Messages from our Chapter Leaders
President's Message
Rebecca Hunter, MBA

"When written in Chinese, the word crisis is composed of two characters -- one represents danger, and the other represents opportunity." John F. Kennedy

2020 has already been a year that sometimes feels like living in an alternate reality.  As healthcare leaders and humans, we are navigating our way through a global pandemic--at times while the earth has shaken beneath our feet. This has been a time of great polarization, inequity, divisiveness, fear and uncertainty. This has also been a time when the importance of human connection has been recognized and deeply valued, a time of compassion where examples of courage, strength, and selflessness surround us daily. We are truly privileged to be alive during this time, where a sense of history surrounds us and calls for each of us to give and be our best.  

We can lean on one another in times of crisis. UHE provides a strong shoulder to lean on; that strength comes from each of you as members of this Chapter. I have been a member of UHE for over a decade, and have served on the Board for several years in different capacities. During this time, I have had the opportunity to attend many UHE educational forums, conferences, and networking events and have seen many of the strong, intelligent, capable, and inspiring leaders who make up our membership. I look forward to serving you in this this role for the next two years, and appreciate Josh Spaulding and those in past years who have served our Chapter so well.

ACHE has put tremendous effort forward to provide continued value and support to all of us, including creation of timely resources and educational content to help us as leaders. While we have not been able to offer and hold our traditional line-up of in-person events, we have a strong portfolio of virtual educational offerings available to you. For those who are Fellows or pursuing certification, there are several options to keep you on track. For those who are looking to hire or needing employment, ACHE offers support through the ACHE Job Center. For those of you who would like to mentor or be mentored, you have found the right place. We want to support you, and we need your talents and support as well. 

As 2020 unfolds, we do not know what is in store for us. One thing is certain, we will have many opportunities ahead to learn, grow, support, serve and inspire each other. Warm wishes to each of you in the days ahead.

Rebecca Hunter, MBA
UHE President 


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