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Q2 2020
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Upcoming Education and Events
How to Earn ACHE Credits and More!


Opportunities to earn ACHE Face-to-Face credits (needed to retain Fellow status)

  • ACHE is moving forward with Congress in 2021. This is scheduled to occur in Chicago March 22-25th.
  • ACHE has extended the deadline for Fellows to re-certify (3 month extension running through March 31st). This allows Fellows to attend Congress and receive those Face-to-Face education credits prior to the re-certification deadline.
  • Other ACHE national in-person events through the end of the calendar year currently remain open. ACHE is closely monitoring local and national factors and will communicate directly with registrants about any changes.
  • ACHE is currently beginning development of a virtual Face-to-Face program available to chapters to provide temporary (2020) virtual options for Face-to-Face education credits. More information will be shared as it becomes available.
  • Fellows can meet their 24 hours of Qualifying education credit requirements using existing virtual educational content.
  • A few of the presentations from Congress were repurposed for virtual qualifying education credit content (other Congress sessions moved to next years’ Congress). The webinars which are available for qualifying education credit are in the Coronavirus Resource section on ACHE’s website https://www.ache.org/about- ache/resources-and-links/ covid-19-resource-center# upcoming


Opportunities to earn ACHE Qualifying Credits

  • ACHE has created many educational offerings that are delivered virtually and meet requirements for “Qualified education credits”
  • In order to make it count towards your earned education credits, members must self-report completion of the virtual courses in their My ACHE portal, under “My Education Credit”


Fall Session and Face-to-Face Education Canceled

In acknowledgment of healthcare public safety issues and financial realities related to COVID-19, we will not be hosting local in-person UHE Face-to-Face educational sessions this year, including our traditional Fall Session that we do in partnership with the Utah Hospital Association:

  • Many members have reported that their employers have frozen education budgets for the remainder of the year. It seems unlikely that we would have enough of a turnout to offset costs.
  • Uncertainty exists about potential surges of COVID-19 which could result in last-minute cancellations.
  • Meeting in large groups has still not been recommended where it can be avoided.
ACHE has provided support to all chapters in establishing virtual educational opportunities at no cost to members. There remain many great opportunities to earn qualifying credits, have access to great educational topics, and retain Fellowship status throughout 2020


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