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Q2 2020
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From the UHE Diversity Committee

Utah Healthcare Executives supports ACHE’s directive that diversity in healthcare management is an “ethical and business imperative.” Our Diversity and Inclusion Committee aims to “empower healthcare professionals of all backgrounds.”


UHE supports diversity and inclusion because different viewpoints strengthen our teams’ vision and resolve. This in turn, improves the health and strengthens the community in which we live. Unfortunately, health outcomes lag in many areas for minorities; minorities are also less likely to fill senior leadership positions in our organizations. We have more work to do, and your perspective and participation can help.  


Currently our chapter supports diversity and inclusion in these ways:

  • Educational events on topics such as: women in leadership, supporting a diverse workforce, eliminating bias in recruiting and hiring diverse talent, and the organizational benefits of diverse leadership.
  • Mentorship opportunities for students and early careerists through our Mentorship Committee
  • ACHE Congress Scholarships to UHE members from underrepresented backgrounds


Help add your voice to how we can make our chapter more inclusive so we can better serve our Utah community. The Diversity and Inclusion Committee is currently looking for members to help, on a short- or long-term basis, with educational programming, member engagement, advancing more women to Fellowship designation, or new endeavors. Please contact Brian Black, chair of our Diversity and Inclusion Committee: brian.black@imail.org.

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