Spring 2021
Spring 2021
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Messages from our Chapter Leaders
President's Message
Rebecca Hunter, MBA

President’s Message

Spring 2021

Spring has sprung, the flowers are out, and life moves forward.  With each new year, we engage with renewed hope and optimism as we attempt to take the learnings of past and carry them forward. As we pass the one year mark of the COVID-19 pandemic here in Utah, concerns over new variants and the race to vaccinate remain present concerns. However, the hope that we are past the worst is palpable.  

Hope is not a strategy.  The origin of this statement is not known. It is an adage that has been much used in military circles, possibly since the mid-20th century.  This statement has remained in circulation and is oft repeated, because it is true. While we may hope, we must also take action to drive towards our desired outcomes.

As healthcare leaders, it is essential that we share the Why as we proclaim our destination, identify our pathway and create strategies to get there. Compelling visions of the future inspire us to act. Engaging and connecting with those who have knowledge and experience, building expertise and capabilities, providing needed tools and resources ….all of these things help us actualize our intent.  However we may each express our mission focus, we all share a sacred commitment to improve human life, in caring for our patients, caregivers, and communities. 

In March ACHE hosted its first Virtual Congress.  This Congress expanded its reach far beyond prior years.  The easy access to attend without travel, along with the lower cost, have provided more of us with the opportunity to participate.  Many of the messages have expressed hope for the future, confidence in healthcare leaders across the country, a desire to improve our outcomes related to diversity, inclusion, and health equity….all have conveyed a sense of urgency for action. 

Experts, tools, and resources are all available to us through our ACHE membership, whether through Congress, On-Demand education, local Chapter offerings, or through connecting with one another.  Even during a historically challenging year, we have had UHE members double-down in building their capabilities, earning recognition by advancing to Fellows.  

I am impressed by the strength, commitment and action I see daily from those in our profession. You can cut all the flowers but you cannot keep Spring from coming.” - Pablo Neruda

Rebecca Hunter  

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