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Membership Benefits

As an ACHE Member, you can benefit from ACHE's unique array of programs and activities, unmatched by any other association, including:

If you have a minimum of a bachelor's degree and a commitment to the profession of healthcare management, then you are invited to join ACHE as a member. There is no better resource to have at your fingertips than the premier organization for healthcare executives.

Connect, Succeed, Learn, Advance and Lead

When you choose to become an ACHE member, you’ll join an extraordinary community of healthcare leaders with exclusive access to an array of programs, activities and resources.  We are committed to enriching our members, increasing your capabilities and equipping you to become a force in the transformation of healthcare. 

We Connect You – with people who will matter in your life now and for years to come.  ACHE brings members together to exchange ideas, open doors to new opportunities, increase visibility and experience the fulfillment of helping others. Connect in-person at local chapter events and national conferences, virtually through our LinkedIn Group and make one-on-one member contact via our online directory. 

We Help You Succeed – with tools and guidance to realize your potential and achieve your personal and professional best.  ACHE’s members-only Career Resource Center helps you plan and navigate your career; wherever you are on your journey.  Our tools and services are customized to meet your individual needs and include: personal strength assessments, enhancements to your value-proposition, marketing your abilities, personal coaching and mentoring, plus access to our job bank.

We Provide Lifelong Learning – with programs and experiences to embrace the power of knowledge during every stage of your career.  You have numerous opportunities to participate in face-to-face local, regional and national programs, virtual seminars and webinars and programs tailored to specific audiences.  

We Help You Advance – with a unique opportunity to achieve the distinction of board certification in healthcare management. Only ACHE members can earn the coveted FACHE credential, recognized as the symbol of professionalism, ethical decision-making, competence, leadership and commitment to lifelong learning. 

We Foster Leadership Excellence – with an unwavering commitment to elevate established and emerging leaders into exceptional leaders.  ACHE provides members exclusive resources, programs and volunteer opportunities to increase your leadership competencies, inspire others and effect transformational changes in your organizations, communities and across the realm of healthcare.

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