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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Spring 2022

Utah ACHE Members: Make 2022 the best year yet!


Happy 2022! We are now well into the start of the new year and my hope is that your outlook for this year is very optimistic! I’m not one to typically write down formal personal goals each year like I do in my professional life, but I usually have a couple of areas that I am working on to improve. As you can imagine, without those goals documented and visual, it is easy to forget and lose sight of those desires. This year I have chosen to focus on a word rather than a collection of personal goals. My word for 2022 is “strengthen”. The past few years have been difficult for each of us. Frankly, I have felt less energized and more depleted than I can ever remember in my professional and personal life. As I reflected and recognized my feelings regarding the past few years, I decided I needed to strengthen myself in many areas: physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally, etc. (you get the picture). Although I didn’t take the time to set a goal in each of the areas I would like to strengthen; I do reflect daily to see what I accomplished to “strengthen” myself that day. 

I recently started a few new books to strengthen myself mentally, which I would recommend to you: Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown, Humbitious by Amer Kaissi, and Think Again by Adam Grant. As I reflect upon my aspirations for 2022, I especially enjoyed this quote by Adam Grant: 

“The point of reviewing your past mistakes isn’t to shame your past self. 
It’s to educate your future self. Rumination is recycling old thoughts about 
what went wrong. Reflection is looking for new insights in how to do better. 
You can’t undo last year. You can improve this one.” 

I hope each of us view 2022 with optimism and as a year of opportunity for growth! I am excited and honored to represent the Utah Healthcare Executives at Congress this year in Chicago. Please reach out if you are attending, so we can catch up!

All my best,