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President's Message
Rebecca Hunter, MBA

Everyone is ignorant, only on different subjects --Will Rogers

One of the things I often reflect on is how fortunate I am, as a woman, to be born in the USA and live in the 21stcentury.  I can vote, own property, provide for myself financially, and have had access to education including the ability to earn advanced degrees.  This privilege of formal education is still not available to many in the world today.  One thing we share is that however different our paths may be, life offers us the opportunity to grow and change within ourselves.  

As I continue progressing in my discovery of my own areas of ignorance, I prize the opportunity to meet others with different perspectives, to entertain new thoughts, to learn and grow.  I am now en route to ACHE’s 65th Healthcare Congress, and appreciate the access to new people and knowledge that Congress affords.  Recognizing that many are not able to travel to Congress, ACHE has also provided a Virtual Leadership Symposium April 11-12th.

My term as President of Utah Healthcare Executives has been completed, and as previously announced effective April 1st Juliana Briscoe will transition from President-Elect to President of our local chapter.  I will stay on the board for an additional year in the immediate past president role, and look forward to supporting Juliana and the chapter through this transition. Juliana has served our local chapter for several years, most recently serving as Chair of Education until her election and is well-prepared to take on this role. 

Thank you to all those who have served with me on the Board, in committees, as mentors, and in other ways volunteered of your time and expertise in the service of others.  I look forward to continued association with ACHE/UHE members throughout my career.  The past two years has been in challenging time for all but as Abraham Maslow once said “in any given moment we have two options: to step forward into growth or step back into safety.” 

Thanks to each of you who have stepped forward into growth, providing inspirational examples of leadership through change.  

Rebecca Hunter