Utah Healthcare Executives - 03/10/2009  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  President's Message
•  From the Regent's Desk
•  Executive Spotlight: MG David Rubenstein
•  Executive Spotlight: Cliff Park
•  Education Update
•  Awards and Advancements
•  Improve Your Work-Life Balance
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Improve Your Work-Life Balance

Employees, especially senior managers, simply do not have the time they want for their families, hobbies or just relaxing. They may experience long work hours or stressful environments. Below are some tips to help you achieve a better work-life balance:

* Work smarter, not harder. Much of the stress and long work hours that staff members experience is due to working in inefficient ways. Continue to streamline and improve how you conduct your work.

* Reassess the sacrifices you are currently making. Recognize that you do have choices. For example, many employees, especially those recently entering the job market, have made the conscious decision that they will not sacrifice their personal life for their work. They have accepted jobs that provide them with the working environment and schedule that better suits their life priorities.

* Force yourself to better organize your time and energy outside of work. Apply the same rigor and discipline outside of work as you do at work. Set goals and priorities, plan ahead and develop schedules so that you can maximize the meaning and enjoyment you attain from your personal life.

Source: Bruce L. Katcher, PhD, president, Discovery Surveys Inc.

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