Utah Healthcare Executives - 03/10/2009  (Plain Text Version)

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In this issue:
•  President's Message
•  From the Regent's Desk
•  Executive Spotlight: MG David Rubenstein
•  Executive Spotlight: Cliff Park
•  Education Update
•  Awards and Advancements
•  Improve Your Work-Life Balance
•  Ensure delivery of Chapter E-newsletter (Disclaimer)


President's Message

Tracy Schmidt, FACHE

UHE Membership:

I am excited with the calendar of events we have planned for 2009. Please take time to mark these on your calendar now. Not included on the calendar are networking events resulting from an ACHE chapter innovation grant. The purpose of this grant is to increase networking and association between those members of our chapter who are early in their career and those in senior leadership positions. We envision these networking events to involve a small number of chapter members over meals at nice restaurants in a number of locations in Utah. Sign-up opportunities will be sent to you over the next few months. Mark Moody will lead this project and we look forward to having many of you participate. 

I have one last observation and thought in relation to the economy and how it is impacting our organization and community. I encourage you to identify one way you could help someone on a personal basis and one way your organization could help those in need. From all reports, it looks like the coming year will be economically challenging.

Tracy Schmidt
Utah Healthcare Executives