December 2019
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Western Florida Chapter's 2020 Vision
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December 2019
General Interest Article from ACHE
Learn the Art of Dialogue and Have Open, Productive Conversations
Shifting Perceptions of Change From Episodic Solution to Always-on Strategy
Healthcare Analytics: Foundations and Frontiers
A book by one of our own
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To continue getting the best out of 2019, stay connected to The Western Florida Chapter on all our Social Media platforms. As many of you are aware, we currently have a website with our events, career tools, and board information. And, did you know the Western Florida Chapter is also on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter? If not, please take a moment to connect with us on all platforms for the latest news, updates and entertainment. Social media is a great way to stay connected with the chapter and casually engage in relevant content with chapter members and affiliates, so please feel free to tag us on your posts and share with us your endeavors. If you have any interesting content you would like to share with the chapter, please do not hesitate to reach out on any social media platform and connect with us in the digital domain.

Twitter: @wfcache

LinkedIn: ACHE Western Florida Chapter


The WFC Communications Committee

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