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Summer 2020
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Message from Your ACHE Regent
Summer 2020

How are you doing?

I checked. My last note to you was titled “Are you Ready”? The focus was on your professional development and reminding you that as busy as you probably are, you must take time to sharpen your skills. Well, while my feelings on that haven’t changed drastically, in this time of COVID-19, there are some other things we should consider.

While you all were working hard before February, I am confident that your pace has picked up tenfold since then. At the beginning of this year, we couldn’t have imagined being where we are today. So, let me not consume your time, but share some simple thoughts.

While you focus on meeting the needs of your patients, staff, and other stakeholders, remember to include yourself on that list and be mindful of what others may be experiencing. You may feel as though you don’t have time, but we all have to make time, please allow me to offer a few things for you to consider for your well-being.

  • Take a stroll or power walk – You may notice that I make no mention of running. That’s just not my thing, but for me, walking and checking out the world and its glory is humbling
  • “Play” in your garden – Soil under fingernails is a beautiful thing! You can get lost in the sounds of nature and find fun ways to recharge
  • Get creative - Have you seen all the things people are doing? Do something you wouldn’t normally do and then do it differently from others! If nothing else, you will get a good laugh, and that itself will be nourishing!

Concerning caring for others, I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that horrible things are happening across our nation right now. They may be sitting heavily on your heart. They may also be sitting on the mind of co-workers, patients, and other stakeholders and could be impacting the way they interact with you, fellow staff members, and/or patients. Though we are all extremely busy, slow down long enough to check on each other. The true test of our humanity and leadership won’t be measured by the number of things we keep operational (although that is important) over these days. The true test will be how we treat and care for each other.

As administrators, let’s set the example for others to follow, take care of yourself, check in with others, and set a tone of collegial respect and empathy for others. Until next time, be safe!

Warm regards,

Ann-Marie Knight, FACHE
Regent for Northern and Western Chapters

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