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A Letter from the Programs Director

The WFC ACHE Programs Calendar for the remainder of 2020 is currently being revised.

First, though, I want to take a moment to pause and acknowledge each and every one of you. You are working tirelessly, sometimes around the clock with no down time. You are making a difference in the lives of others. You are supporting your teams and your families. You have been balancing and juggling in a way that I can only compare to those individuals that somehow manage to spin multiple plates at the top of sticks that they balance on their chins and toes – all while standing on one foot. 

I am amazed by you.

We have all been both witness to and participants in a rapidly changing environment. The adjustments that were made initially are starting to shift into adaptations. There is an increased focus on communication and resiliency. Care delivery is transforming. Mask-wearing is becoming as thoughtful and respectful as the handshake; and, online deliveries of medications, groceries, and supplies appear to be on an upward trajectory. 

While I acknowledge each of you and these many adjustments, I wonder, how do we advance

How do we translate these experiences into meaningful education that will support current and future healthcare leaders? What can the WFC ACHE provide to each of you that will both encourage you and enhance your knowledge? How can we provide quality content and interactions safely? 

The answers to these questions lie within the revised 2020 Programs Calendar which, I am thrilled to share, will be distributed very soon! 


Sabrina Rice, MHA, MPH, CPH

ACHE Western Florida Chapter - Programs Director

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