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Fall 2016
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Fall 2016
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Fall 2016
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Fall 2016

As we welcome in the fall, it is amazing the opportunities we each have before us.  In particular is membership advancement and membership growth. You say what is the difference? Well, membership advancement is the individual commitment you accept to advance through the “the ranks” (so to speak) to attain Fellow status. Once attained, representing ACHE in your local facility and market assists in your professional advancement and skills. The respect for you as a professional grows.

Actually one leads to the other, where individual advancement contributes to membership growth. In our field new talent is always evolving, and it is important that these young professionals be introduced to ACHE, so they too can rise to the heights that you have achieved. It is a valuable investment into your career, their career and to ACHE. Membership growth will evolve creating for all of us a stronger healthcare profession.

Kevin DiLallo, FACHE
Regent for Florida – Northern and Western