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The Key Components of a Career Plan
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The Key Components of a Career Plan

A strategic career plan should have these core components:

  • Statement of your short- and long-term goals, clearly outlined but flexible based on the iterative process of building a plan to meet your needs, your employer’s needs and the market’s needs
  • Concise but complete summary of:
    • Your answers to the key questions in the CareerEDGE discovery process, including analysis of gaps between your needs and aspirations and the reality of your current situation and marketplace requirements
    • Your value proposition today, what you would like it to be (or what it needs to be) in the future and how this positions you to reach your goals
  • Action steps to close gaps and achieve your goals, including:
    • Market Research—How do I stay informed?
    • Learning Plan—How do I stay relevant?
    • Personal Marketing—How do I build relationships?
    • Managing Risk—How do I anticipate change and eliminate career barriers?
    • Maintaining Energy—How do I stay motivated and positive?
    • Managing Finances—Can I afford my plan?
    • Identifying Sources of Support—Do I need a coach, mentor or advisor?
  • Process to monitor progress, gain feedback and update the plan on an ongoing basis based on changing realities in the marketplace and changes in your thinking.

Source: Broscio, Michael A., CMF, and Jay E. Scherer, “What’s Your Plan?,” Healthcare Executive, November/December 2014.