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Healthcare Leadership Summit: “Diversity as Part of the Cure”

Lee Memorial Health System and Hodges University were sponsors of the Western Florida Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) Leadership Summit held on Friday, Oct. 7, at Hodges University in Fort Myers. ‘Diversity as Part of the Cure’ brought together some of the brightest minds and most credible professionals across the U.S. to discuss in great depth the importance of diversity in all aspects of the healthcare profession.

“Diversity takes into account the very human social characteristics that impact individuals’ values, perceptions, experiences and beliefs. By embracing all aspects of diversity, communication, and understanding, trust is enhanced, which leads to better outcomes” explains Yemisi Oloruntola-Coates, system manager of Diversity & Language Services for Lee Memorial Health System and program committee member of the 2016 ACHE leadership summit. ”Diversity as part of healthcare is about incorporating cultural competence in association with a plan of care.”

Checking a patient’s weight, blood pressure and other vitals is important, but it’s also important for healthcare professionals to check cultural understanding, communication and engagement with patients - each a crucial component of healthcare. By focusing on enriching and enhancing our interactions with patients, employees, and the community, health care professionals can ensure that the patient experience is a memorable one.

Just as healthcare is a very dynamic and ever changing industry, the U.S. is also changing and becoming more diverse. There are many things that need to be incorporated into caring for the people of this community both inside and outside of hospitals and physician offices, emphasizing cultural competence in clinical practice. When we speak of diversity most people think in terms of race, ethnicity and language, but there are other aspects to consider that can also involve cultural differences, disability, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity and more.

Two keynote speakers were featured during the summit:

  • Tomas Leon, President of the Institute of Diversity presented the recent enactment of the Affordable Care Act 1557 and health equity
  • Tim Rodden, Director of Pastoral Care at Christiana Care Health System presented on the LGBTQ community and how to create an inclusive environment

Panel topics such as “Cultural and Language Challenges of Diverse Patient Populations” and“Fostering Inclusion of LGBT Patients and Employees” supplemented the agenda with additional discussions.