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Message from Your ACHE Regent

Ah yes, summer in Wisconsin. The turbulence we experience at this time of year in Wisconsin can be assimilated to our healthcare industry. Walmart buying Humana, CVS and Aetna, Amazon, Uber, hospital closures, and pervasive merger and acquisitions are all things that signal a new normal for us as healthcare leaders. As we navigate unchartered waters, there is no better time to focus on your leadership development and ensure you are modeling grit, agility and resolve to your teams than right now. The American College of Healthcare Executives is still the leading way to develop these skills and manage your career.

This year’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership was a great example of how ACHE is leading the way. The Congress on Healthcare Leadership continued to show ACHE’s commitment to its members, the ACHE members’ commitment to the healthcare management profession, a collective dedication to growing future leaders and our profession’s resolve to transform healthcare in the United States. At a time where it may seem easier to run from the challenges and resist change, I continue to see my fellow ACHE members run toward the future of healthcare. Kudos to all of us who are committed to seeing our way to a revolution of healthcare across our great nation!

As we forge ahead, should you find yourself looking for ways to continue your commitment to the profession and keep your fire and passion burning inside, please take a look at the management development opportunities ACHE offers – both here in Wisconsin as well as throughout ACHE. 

Click on this link for more information about upcoming educational offerings in Wisconsin:

Click on this link for more information about upcoming educational offerings at ACHE:

Last, if your fire is lit but your management development bucket full, consider helping to blossom the careers of early careerists and students. I am troubled by how many students and early careerists we are losing from membership because they haven’t realized the connection and benefit of ACHE to their career growth. What I’ve heard is that the early careerists and students are looking for that connection through mentorships – both formal and informal. If you’d like to help me mentor and advise early careerists and students, please reach out and partner with me on developing the future leaders of our industry! Or, are you a physician and looking to mentor other ACHE physician members. Physicians are the largest group of members joining ACHE. Please let me know how I can help our physician members get the value of ACHE they seek.

Best Wishes!

Andrew M. Hillig, FACHE
Regent for Wisconsin