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Message from Your ACHE Regent - Winter 2018

Shamelessly copying the line from our very own Milwaukee Brewer’s young and very talented Christian Yelich:  ACHE-Wisconsin Chapter…LET’S GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The story behind the Milwaukee Brewer’s success this year, as told by Christian Yelich, was the team’s contagious spirit and energy!  As Yelich stated in the article he submitted to the Player’s Tribune this past September, the Brewers were not always the most talented team on paper, but they had a winning mindset that no one could outhustle them or compete harder than they did.  It began early in spring training where Yelich, a young player in a new environment, did everything he could to show his new team that he was a team player.  What resulted was a team of seasoned veterans, young players, coaches, front-office staff, and player support, that became a family.  As a family, they stayed “loose” and overcame the natural adversity that comes from a grueling 163 regular season game schedule (yep…the Brewer’s even had to play 1 more than the usual 162 games to break a tie and continue their season in the playoffs).  And because of the energy they created as a family on the field, we as fans became more energized off the field.  This bidirectional energy is what Yelich believed fueled their success and helped them to play past more talented teams with GIGANTIC payrolls.

That energy that was felt by the team and its fans alike is something we can bring to our organizations.  As administrators, we can bring together talent from across our organizations to create an energy that can be felt by our customers.  In my time as Regent, an area I have recognized as a great opportunity to increase our energy levels is with our young talent.  As Regent, I have had the pleasure of working with students and young leaders from across Wisconsin, and it has truly been one of my greatest pleasures in my career.  To see their energy and excitement to contribute to a revolution in healthcare is astounding. 

And so, as my time as Regent winds down, I sincerely encourage all ACHE Wisconsin members – at any point in their career – to reach out to someone newer in their career to nurture their growth and mentor them to success.  It can be formal, through programs like ACHE’s mentoring program, or it can be as informal as coffee with a student who is eager to launch their career after graduating.  Whatever it is, do everything you can to create that “family” environment that helped the Brewers to be more successful than they’ve been in decades.  It will energize you, those you nurture and the customers we care for with great compassion!  If you’re not sure how to get started, give me a call…I’m always happy to talk about my experiences and talk about ways you can find the same kind of energy! 

Have a safe and joyful end of your year!

Andrew Hillig, FACHE
Regent for Wisconsin