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President's Message

As my tenure as President comes to a close, I am proud to share with you the accomplishments of the Chapter this year.  Of course, none of these things would be possible without the unending work of our committees and Board, and the support of members like you.

The list of accomplishments was also shared at the annual meeting of the membership on December 1st at PNC Park.  We were incredibly fortunate to have Dr. Kathy W. Humphrey, Senior Vice Chancellor for Engagement, Secretary of the Board of Trustees, and Chief of Staff at the University of Pittsburgh, as our featured speaker at this year’s event.  Dr. Humphrey gave an engaging and very interactive demonstration about the subtleties of our life experiences eliciting how those interactions affect us and, in some cases, draw us together. Dr. Humphrey’s talk was a great capstone to our year of diversity discussions and a celebration of the kick-off of our formal organization of the chapter’s diversity efforts in 2016. Thank you for support of the diversity activities and all of the accomplishments of the chapter this year – I’m confident that they have contributed to the strength of the chapter. 

 ◾Established the Northern Local Program Council
 ◾Hosted or Co-hosted 7 education events
 ◾Hosted or Co-hosted 8 networking events
 ◾Kicked off the revised Mentorship Program
 ◾Established a Diversity Advisory Committee with a confirmed representative on the Board of Directors
 ◾Assigned Board Member Liaisons to regional universities
 ◾Sponsored the 3rd Annual Western Pennsylvania Healthcare Summit
 ◾Supported 26 new or re-certified fellows
 ◾Experienced first chapter membership growth in 3 years (+4%)

•Participated in the Healthcare Education Round Table for Western PA 

I would be remiss if I did not thank our incredibly dedicated board of directors and committee chairs for their work in 2016, so a big thank you to each and every one of them who have committed their time to serve the chapter this year.

Please join me to warmly welcome Laura Griffin, Director , Network Nursing Operations, at Allegheny Health Network.  Laura has been dedicated to the work of the chapter for the past four years, and I’m confident that she and the executive team will continue to move the chapter forward in big ways. I look forward to serving as part of her team.

And finally, I wish all of you professional and personal success in 2017, but mostly, I wish you the gift of good health.  Working in health care is an honor and a great responsibility as we work to serve people in their most vulnerable moments.  Good health and wellness is a gift – cherish it!  


Stacey Vaccaro


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