Winter 2015
Winter 2015
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Chapter Officers
Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, MBA, FACHE

Martin Benning, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Andrea Zavos Turner, MHS, FACHE

Lori Nomura, JD

Jim Cannon, MHA, FACHE
Message from Your ACHE Regent


Recent times have been marked by change, successful events, school visits, getting ready for the annual ACHE Congress and recognition within our membership.
First, I would like to sincerely thank Stephen P. Zieniewicz, FACHE for his service as Regent for Washington (2013-2015).  We wish him the best in his new endeavors in New Jersey. It is my pleasure to finish Steve’s term as Regent since August and through Congress in March 2016. I look forward to the transition with our newly elected Regent Sandra L. Slater-Duncan, FACHE.
I was pleased to participate in the recent ACHE Leadership Conference in Chicago where it was great to have William P. (Bill) Reid, FACHE representing our state chapter. The annual ACHE Breakfast meeting was a great success, and I wish to thank the chapter board for their work and coordination to make this a successful event. We recently reached another milestone, completing our visits to 100 percent of the Health Education Network schools in the state of Washington, which includes:

• Undergraduate programs at Eastern Washington University and University of Washington/Tacoma Branch
• Graduate programs at Washington State University and University of Washington/Seattle

I appreciate the assistance of Sandy Slater-Duncan, FACHE in conducting two of those visits.

Congress is coming up and I encourage everyone to consider attending this amazing event March 14–17, 2016. Congress always features excellent educational opportunities, networking and career services are available for students, early careerists, and senior executives. In addition, it’s a good time to look at 2016 cluster opportunities to obtain ACHE Face-to-Face Education credits.
I have been honored to be a Fellow for the past 19 years and suggest that another step forward for many of you is considering advancing to Fellow. There are tremendous resources and support for advancing, so please consider a commitment to yourself and your career by achieving Fellow status.

One of the pleasures of the ACHE Breakfast is recognizing members who have excelled in service to ACHE. The Regent’s Award is in recognition of significant contributions towards the achievement of the goals of ACHE and the advancement of Healthcare Management Excellence. It was my honor to present the 2015 Regent’s Award to Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, FACHE, Senior Director Value Analytics and Care Systems at Providence Regional Medical Center/Everett. Karin is our current Chapter President. Also receiving the award was Andrea Z. Turner, FACHE, Chief Clinical Services Division at Madigan Army Medical Center. Andrea is Past President and served in numerous roles in support of ACHE and the chapter. Congratulations to both of them for this well-deserved recognition.

I would like to also acknowledge Washington State members who have recently advanced to Fellow:

Levi Anderson, FACHE
Susan M. Manfredi, ND, FACHE
Marlon K. Borbon, FACHE

And members who have recertified as Fellow:

 Katherine J. Bell, FACHE
 Richard E. Cohan, FACHE
 Andrew B. Cosentino, FACHE
 Jeanell M. Rasmussen, RN, FACHE
 Carol Skowronski, FACHE
 Lance E. Welch, FACHE
 Drexel DeFord, FACHE
 Glenn S. Kasman, FACHE

If I can be of any service to you as members, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will continue to work closely with WSHEF, our state chapter and its leadership in advancing the mission of ACHE here in Washington. There is plenty of work to do, so if you’re so inclined please get involved and make a difference. 

For more information:

Gregg Agustín Davidson, FACHE
Regent for Washington

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Upcoming Events


Seattle Meet -n- Mingle

Please join us for a networking event with your WSHEF colleagues in the Capital Hill neighborhood. 

January 21, 2016 from 6 to 8 pm

The Garage
1130 Broadway
Seattle, WA 98122

Register at



Chapter Board Retreat

The chapter leaders are having the annual board retreat on January 29, 2015, at the offices of Providence Health & Services in Seattle

Meet -n- Mingles

Get to know your colleagues!  Watch for Upcoming Meet-n-Mingle Events in your Neighborhood
•        Have you wondered if there are ways you can meet more of your local healthcare colleagues – that  mysterious thing called “networking”?
•        Are you looking to find a next role?  You looking for the right candidate?
•        Is there a problem you are tackling at work and wonder if others are working on a similar issue?  Or are you just looking for others who will understand what the heck you are talking about?
•        Know where all the local healthcare execs hang out after work?
The highly popular Meet-N-Mingle events are happening at different venues across our state.  As future dates and locations are finalized, an invitation will be sent out.
Meet-n-Mingles are informal gatherings of area WSHEF members at a local restaurant or pub.  There is typically a small fee to cover appetizers.  While this is not a formal education program, someone will be there to share upcoming WSHEF and ACHE events and activities. 
So, rather than heading out into the usual rush-hour, head over to a local Meet-n-Mingle for a nosh and a drink and get to know your fellow executives.  We want to put A U in COLLEGE!  (hint:  colleAgUe)
By the way, we are always looking for local hosts around the state and we will help you do all the planning.  If you have an interest in holding a future Meet-N-Mingle in your area let the membership committee know at
Thanks, and get networking people!