A Chapter of the American College of Healthcare Executives March 2016
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Chapter Officers

Martin Benning, FACHE

Dina O'Leary, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, MBA, FACHE

Lori Nomura, JD

Jim Cannon, MHA, FACHE

Message from Your ACHE Regent

As we kick off a brand new year, it’s a time for transitions for the American College of Healthcare Executives and our state chapter, Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum. First I would like to acknowledge and thank Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, FACHE for completing her year as President of our state Chapter, WSHEF; and I would also like to congratulate Martin F. Benning, FACHE who is assuming the role of President. Karin has represented and served us well and Martin is bringing the same level of energy to the table so we are in good hands.  WSHEF has also reached an important milestone: We now have more than 1,000 ACHE members in the State of Washington – 1,020 to be exact.

In my last newsletter, I congratulated Sandra Slater-Duncan, FACHE as our newly elected Regent. Since then, Sandy has taken a new position with a new organization in Idaho.  We wish her the best and thank her for her many years of service to WSHEF and ACHE. I am very pleased to announce that William Reid, Senior Vice President, product management and partnerships, of SCI solutions will serve as Regent on an interim basis until March 2017. Bill previously served ACHE as a member of the Regents Advisory Council. 

Washington State Healthcare Executive Forum

I was pleased to participate in the recent WSHEF Annual Board of Directors Retreat on January 29 in Seattle. I was impressed by the large group of individuals who showed up with enthusiasm and dedication to advancing ACHE through our state Chapter. There was tremendous discussion around increasing value to all ACHE members in Washington and focusing on our engagement and relationship with students who are focused on careers in healthcare at our four Higher Education Network Schools.  

Since my last newsletter, I am honored to recognize members who have advanced to Fellow or have completed the requirements for recertification.   

Advancing to Fellow status:

    Jacob Bujacich Davidson, FACHE
          (P.S. Yes, this is my son!)

And members who have successfully recertified as Fellow:

    Rosalee Allan, FACHE
    Chris A Grippo, FACHE
    James William Kammerer, FACHE
    Karin Larson-Pollock, FACHE
    Mary Josephine McHugh, FACHE
    Pamela R. Rock, FACHE
    Vikki L. Noyes, FACHE
    James Santucci, FACHE
    Dorothy L. Sawyer, FACHE
    Charles Tirrell, FACHE
    Rachel J. Todd, FACHE

Apply for Fellow Status  

The importance of earning the distinction of Board Certification as a Fellow of ACHE cannot be overstated. I am encouraging you to take the next step in advancing your career by achieving Fellow status to benefit your professional goals, demonstrate your healthcare competence, leadership skills, and commitment to excellence in the field. Please consider a commitment to yourself and your career by advancing to Fellow status.  

It has been a pleasure to serve as your interim Regent. My term expired at Congress on March 12 as I hand the title over to our new Regent. I will continue to serve on the WSHEF Board and co-chair the Diversity Committee with Daniel A. Montanez. It is an honor to represent you, the members of ACHE, and if I could be of any service to you please do not hesitate to contact me.  

For more information please use ache.org and wshef.org.

Best regards,

Gregg Agustín Davidson, FACHE
Regent for Washington

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