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Chapter Officers

Martin Benning, FACHE

Dina O'Leary, FACHE

Immediate Past President
Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, MBA, FACHE

Lori Nomura, JD

Jim Cannon, MHA, FACHE

President's Message
by Martin Benning, MHA, FACHE


I’m both excited and honored to take on the role of President for WSHEF and to represent your state chapter for ACHE. As we begin the year, I’d like to first pause and give a personal thank you and recognition to Dr. Karin Larson-Pollock, who has led the chapter to a whole new level in 2015. Between Karin and the board of directors, WSHEF continues to excel and provide value to the members.

As we move into the first part of 2016, the board held a retreat to discuss our strategy and alignment with ACHE objectives as well as how to deliver on our local needs. We are committed to understanding the challenges healthcare leaders in Washington are facing and what WSHEF can do to help improve our ability to lead in a changing landscape. ACHE recently released their 2016-2018 strategic plan, which focuses on how to deliver new, meaningful solutions to healthcare leaders; how to adapt the ACHE brand to the needs of new and emerging healthcare markets; and how to enhance the core offerings of ACHE to leaders. We challenged ourselves at the retreat to understand the core problem we are solving as a state organization in 2016, acknowledging that we strive to strike a balance between leaders’ time and bandwidth relative to their needs for professional development, networking and best practice sharing. In addition to new strategies, we will continue to connect leaders through informal meet and mingle events and will begin to better leverage digital and social platforms to engage our colleagues across the state in meaningful conversations on healthcare leadership. I look forward to a year of new and invigorating events and conversations that will allow us all to grow together as leaders in our communities. 

In addition to our 2016 program year, I’m excited to see the list of colleagues from Washington who attended ACHE Congress this year. With nearly 70 leaders from Washington on the list, I feel we had good representation from our state chapter. ACHE had a great lineup of presentations and events for participants. 

On a final note, I’d like to extend a congratulations to Bill Reid, who has stepped up to fill the role of interim Regent for WSHEF. With Sandy Slater-Duncan taking on a new role in Boise, Idaho, it left us without a Regent coming into the new year. Bill will take on his new role beginning at ACHE Congress next week and will shift to an ex-officio role on the WSHEF board. Bill is the SVP and CISO for SCI Solutions and has been an active member of WSHEF and the WSHEF board for many years.

On behalf of the board, I’d like to extend our gratitude to have the opportunity to serve and represent you for ACHE. Please let us know how we can add value to your career as healthcare leaders in 2016. 

Martin Benning, MHA, FACHE

President, Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum

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Thursday, June 9th

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