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Brian Barry

Parke Corbin

Immediate Past President
Lori Nomura, JD

Sue Miller, PharmD

Ryan Sundquist, MHA


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WSHEF President's Message

President's Message

2020 has continued to be a challenging year for healthcare.  We have collectively experienced the origination of a novel coronavirus, reacted to initial transmission of COVID-19 and experienced a diversity of different challenges related to the community spread of the virus. We have all experienced a dramatic shift in our daily lives, personally and professionally.  As we bid farewell to 2020, we do so with two approved mRNA vaccines being deployed throughout the country with our front line clinical staff being in the first wave of vaccinations, ensuring they can continue to care for our communities with reduced risk to their own health. 

This year has been represented by not just a novel virus, but by novel approaches to caring for the great state of Washington.  The members of Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum have all contributed their passions and skillsets to launching telemedicine platforms, shifting appropriate care encounters to virtual environments, curtailing elective procedures to ensure proper PPE was available for our acute care environments, identifying new pathways and protocols of care and by being agile and resilient towards applying new practices to reduce risk and build the confidence that we are here, every day, to provide for our communities.   

Through 2020, the WSHEF Board has accomplished much in ensuring that there was ample interaction, points of communication and that we helped to foster professional development opportunities for you.  But what we have truly been in awe of is all the phenomenal work we have witnessed from you and your healthcare organizations.  WSHEF did its best to support you all by shifting our priorities and educational focus towards pandemic related topics, we focused on how best to lead strategic change, and we helped by delivering our educational and social opportunities through virtual interfaces so we could be together, remotely.  The WSHEF Board and Committee members have done great work to support you all and we have learned a lifetime of wisdom through your actions.  The teamwork, the perseverance, the empathy, the compassion and the resiliency you all have shown is the true activity we want to recognize and be grateful for.  THANK YOU!

A special thank you to one individual who has been involved with WSHEF for many years and who has left a great impression on our values, practices and leadership competencies.  Lori Nomura will be stepping away from the Board as she has served as our immediate past-president, through 2020, and has held many other Board and Committee roles throughout her history with WSHEF.  Lori’s approach and thoughtfulness has been a constant and we look forward to seeing her at future events.

As we look to tomorrow, I want to thank the entire WSHEF Board and the officers, President-Elect Parke Corbin, Past President Lori Nomura, Secretary Sue Miller and Treasurer Ryan Sundquist.  It has been a pleasure working with you all and I look forward to welcoming our new board members, Andrea Turner (past Regent) and Chris Coon as well as your new Washington State Regent, Karin Larson-Pollack. 

The Board will be holding a half day retreat in January to plan for the year ahead.  If you have questions or ideas for the Board to consider, we welcome your input!  Feel free to reach out to me at bsbarry@multicare.org.    

 I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and best wishes for the New Year!

Brian Barry

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