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President's Message
by Kimbra Wells Metz, MHA, FACHE

As spring brings new beginnings, my term as WSHEF President ends; it has been an honor and privilege to serve as your President over the last year.

During this 2013-2014 board year, WSHEF held numinous events such as: Women in Leadership, and Affordable Care Act in WA panels in partnership with the University of Washington MHA program, the Future of Healthcare in Washington, Capstone presentations, the annual Washington ACHE breakfast in conjunction with the Washington State Hospital Association annual meeting, a Fellow’s only event on the Future of Healthcare, multiple “Meet and Mingle” networking events and a Fellow Advancement learning session. I hope you could participate in at least one of these events and we look forward to any feedback or suggestions you have.  

I want to thank our Regent, Stephen Zieniewicz, who has provided outstanding leadership and support over the last year. There is no doubt he will continue to lead efforts in growing ACHE’s Washington membership and provide support to the WSHEF board as we pursue our annual strategic goals.   

Additionally, there are a number of board members I would also like to recognize for their diligent service.

Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, was immediate past president and led WSHEF as president for two years prior to that. She was instrumental in getting the first strategic plan established, obtaining management services support for the chapter, and has helped coordinate the Futures Conference this year. She has completed her term on the board and we are thankful her for dedication and service. 

Rachanee Curry has served as both a board member and Interim President Elect. She has co-chaired the program committee and worked diligently to bring forth quality education programs. She has completed her term on the board and we are thankful for her generous support and leadership over the years. 

Barbara Anspach, served as our Secretary and supported the coordination of the Futures Conference last year. She also led WSHEF’s rebranding. She has completed her term on the WSHEF board and we appreciate her service.

Continuing board members are: Sandra Slater-Duncan (Co-Communications Chair), Gregg Davidson (Co-Diversity Chair), Jim Cannon (Treasurer), Mark Shellmyer (Co-Membership Chair), Steve Saxe (Co-Membership Chair), Jacqui Sinatra (Co-Programs Chair), Bill Reid (Communications Committee: Web-site), Major Michael Henry (Military Representative, Membership Committee), and Scott Bond (WSHA Representative)

I would also like to recognize our two inaugural student affiliate board members: Ashley King (University of Washington), and Samuel Wheller (Washington State University). They were integral to our ability to connect and integrate our future healthcare leaders within their respective programs and engaged them in WSHEF chapter activities. They focused on membership, mentorship, and diversity committee activities. 

There are many committee members who diligently contribute to the efforts of accomplishing our annual goals. I want to thank all of them for their volunteerism and hard work. I would like to recognize LT Clark Hartley for his leadership as last year’s newsletter editor. This will be his final newsletter. It will be difficult to replace him in this very important role.

On a final note… Please join me in welcoming our new President Andrea Turner, and the following new board members: Lori Nomura (Secretary, Co-Diversity Chair), Carol N. Velasquez (Member at Large), and Karin Larson-Pollock (President-Elect)

Thank you for a great 2013…I am certain 2014 will prove to be an exciting year!



WSHEF President


Photo: WSHEF January 2014 Board Retreat at Kestral Winery - Picture from left to right: Lori Nomura, Kimbra Wells Metz, Mary Ann Keogh Hoss, Jacqui Sinatra, Rachanee Curry, Mark Shellmyer, Andrea Turner, Samuel Wheller, Major Michael Henry, and Gregg Davidson (not pictured: Sandra Slater-Duncan, Jim Cannon, Steve Saxe, Bill Reid, Ashley King, Scott Bond, and our Regent Stephen Zieniewicz)