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President's Message
by Karin Larson-Pollock, M.D.

ACHE Colleagues –

In my organization, we begin each meeting with a reflection, which serves as a moment to ground ourselves. So as we enter into the holiday season and wrapping up 2015, here is mine.

It is easy to get caught up in the craziness of the holidays and the planning for the upcoming year. May you all take the time to reflect on your successes, learn from/laugh about your mistakes, and make sure to carve out time in your life for the things that provide value to you. Take a look at your calendar – does it reflect what is important to you?

Many of you know that what is important to me is saying “thank you,” and showing appreciation for those who go out of their way to do what they do. As I wind down my WSHEF presidency, I would like to thank the WSHEF Board of Directors, committee members, student representatives and the many volunteers who have helped make our very busy 2015 a successful one. From the local Meet & Mingles throughout the year to larger educational events like the Board of Governors Exam study group in January-February, Washington State Legislative Update in April, Futures Conference in June, ACHE Seattle Cluster in July and our annual chapter breakfast in October – it has been a busy year for WSHEF!  We couldn’t have done it without the countless hours of work behind the scenes to ensure success. I would especially like to thank Sandy Slater-Duncan and Steve Saxe, two of our board members who have reached their term limit on the board. They have been incredible sources of historical knowledge and guidance, and I speak on behalf of the chapter when I say a huge “thank you” for their decade (each) of service. Having said that, please join me in welcoming Sandy Slater-Duncan in a new role for the chapter, as our Washington state Regent. Her term will begin after Congress, 2016. 

BOARD ELECTIONS: It is my pleasure to announce our new incoming WSHEF BOD members: President-Elect Dina O’Leary and board members Pam Rock and Ryan Sundquist, who will begin their terms of office on January 1, 2016.  The full board will convene for our annual strategic planning session January 29, 2016. Our focus: how do we bring value to our WSHEF members? As we finalize our 2016 calendar of events, we want to hear from you! 

UPCOMING DATES Q12016: We plan to host Meet & Mingle in the Puget Sound area in January, a co-sponsored Diversity event in January/February and potentially a Meet & Mingle in March for those who are unable to attend Congress (March 14-17, 2016). More information coming soon. Meet & Mingle planning is starting soon for Bellevue and Everett for 2016, so let us know if you’d like to be part of the planning for either of those events!

THANK YOU: This is my last President’s Message as I hand over our proverbial chapter “gavel” to our incoming WSHEF President, Martin Benning. It has been an honor serving you this past year and I look forward to continuing my work with the Board as Past President.


Karin M Larson-Pollock, MD, MBA, FACHE
WSHEF President 2015