Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum

June 2019

President's Message

Welcome to summer! 

Recent and Upcoming Events

This is a beautiful time of year in the Pacific Northwest and we have a number of events recently and many more on the calendar. These events had opportunities for chapter members to attend educational programs, connect with colleagues and plan for the upcoming year. We hope that you will join us at an event soon. 

The WSHEF board holds two retreats annually in January and July. At our upcoming retreat on July 19, we will focus on strategic planning for the next several years. If you are interested in getting more involved in the Chapter or you have input to pass along for the strategic plan, please email me at wshef.president@achemail.net

Spring was a busy season and we were delighted to offer the following programs: 


May 1: Masters of Health Administration Program on the State of Health Care Payment Reform.  This program (1.0 qualified education credits) included an informative session from three UW Assistant Professors and an update on ACHE activities from ACHE Immediate Past Chairman David Olson.  

May 6: Addressing Implicit Biases in the Workplace. This program (2 qualified education credits) was jointly sponsored by the Asian Health Leaders Forum. 

May 14: Leading A Culture of Safety: A Blueprint for Success. This program featured Jaqueline Valentine of Seattle Children’s, Commander Kevin Burns of the U.S. Navy and Dr. Richard Jordan of Madigan Medical Center, and was offered in Tacoma (1.5 face to face education credits). 

May 21: Legislative Update: This program, held at Overlake Medical Center in Bellevue, featured Chelene Whiteaker, WSHA Senior Vice President of Government Affairs. 

June 4: Meet & Mingle: Hosted by Joseph Wall at the Swiss Restaurant & Pub in Tacoma. Thanks to Steve Saxe for providing the picture below of the attendees!


June 13 FACHE Advancement Information Session: This live webinar offered information about the FACHE credential and resources to begin the journey.  

Upcoming events include:

June 19: Meet & Mingle The Garage in Seattle

July 19: WSHEF Board Retreat

August 19-22: ACHE Seattle Cluster

Free 1 hour qualified educational program offered by Roche August 19 and 21 at 4 pm followed by a networking reception. 

September 26: Physician and Executive Partnership: Hard Facts, Soft Skills. UW Club at the University of Washington (6 ACHE face to face education credits)

October 9: Annual Breakfast Meeting

For more information about chapter events, please visit the website at wshef.ache.org. For information about the free education program offered by Roche, an email will be sent to all chapter members in early August with a registration link. 

Dolan Executive Diversity Scholarship

ACHE is accepting applications for the Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity Program. During this yearlong program, scholars benefit from one-on-one interaction with an individually matched mentor, paid tuition to attend 2020 Congress on Healthcare Leadership and the 2020 Executive Programs, formal leadership education and career assessment and specialized curriculum opportunities for career advancement. This program will help participants formulate a strategy for a career in healthcare management and provide an invaluable network of colleagues. Applications are due July 12, 2019. For more information, visit ache.org/ExecutiveDiversity or contact Cie Armstead, Director, Diversity and Inclusion, at carmstead@ache.org or (312) 424-9306

Thank you, 

Lori Nomura

WSHEF Early Careerist Spotlight


Aimee O'Neil, BS, MBA

Business Manager, Radiology Seattle Children's

Aimee O’Neill found her second career in healthcare in 2012 after fifteen years in the legal industry as a paralegal. Following the diagnosis of her oldest child with a chronic illness, Aimee began spending a lot of time at Seattle Children’s Hospital. Her time at Seattle Children’s inspired Aimee to switch industries, achieve her MBA and move into leadership in healthcare. Aimee has been the business manager for the Seattle Children’s Radiology department for nearly 3 years. Previously, Aimee was the business manager for Seattle Children’s regional outreach services.


Laura Sandberg

Practice Coordinator, Seattle Cancer Care Alliance

Laura Sandberg is the Practice Coordinator in the Medical Director’s Office at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She completed her bachelor’s degree in public health 3 years ago and has been working in healthcare for one year. She has aspirations to return to school to earn a masters degree in the upcoming year and I have been personally mentoring her on topics of professional development. She has gone above and beyond expectations in her time with SCCA taking ownership of quality and productivity data tracking and reporting for our medical staff.


Molly Goldsworthy, MHA

Manager, Adolescent Medicine Specialty Programs

Molly is the Practice Manager at Seattle Children’s Hospital for Adolescent Medicine Specialty Programs.  I have been at Seattle Children’s for a little more than 6 years.  My role includes all elements of practice management including provider deployment and utilization, budget development, business planning, and some clinic operations as well.  I received my MHA from the University of Washington in 2008 and have worked in the Seattle area since then in a couple of different roles.  My passion in healthcare is working with and supporting our clinicians and providers to ensure they are able to provide the best patient care possible.  It is so rewarding to support a team dedicated to our patients and families!

When I’m not at work, I enjoy family time with my husband and two kiddos.  We enjoy outdoor activities such as skiing in the winter and water sports in the summer, taking advantage of all that Seattle has to offer!


Guest Article by Jane Turlo, MBA, CHC

Jane Turlo is a healthcare executive with over 30 years of clinical and leadership experience. Jane has served in several leadership roles and in 2019, she started an advisory company, Jane Turlo and Associates, LLC that provides business and manage

Management and leadership, a distinct interwoven parallel

By: Jane Turlo, MBA, CHC

According to Webster’s, the definition of Management is: “the conducting or supervising of something (such as a business)” and “judicious use of means to accomplish an end” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary APP).

In addition, Webster’s defines Leadership as: “the office or position of a leader; capacity to lead; and the act or an instance of leading- leadership molds individuals into a team.” (Merriam-Webster Dictionary APP). 

Management and leadership are different, but they are also intertwined. We have all had bosses that were managers, others that were leaders and sometimes if we were fortunate, both. What makes one person a manager and the other a leader? What characteristics set the two a part? How does one evolve into the other? Although a subjective topic, I do believe there are certain qualities that differentiate the two.

The bridge between management and leadership has to do with using attributes, both innate and learned, AND really pushing your boundaries and comfort zones. 

Keeping a business functioning, ensuring that employees are engaged and productive, and being responsible for operations running smoothly are all a part of management/leadership. Focusing on increasing revenue and decreasing cost, along with a gamut of other responsibilities, is what managers and leaders do. However, at times, with management, it can feel like running on a hamster wheel with the main goal being, to get stuff done. Throughout a workday, managers operate tactically and vigilantly at driving profit and effective functionality, while extinguishing fires that inevitably start up routinely. This type of energy level and environment can make it difficult to focus on developing or enhancing leadership skills. 

Leaders need to get things done too, but they approach it strategically to achieve long term impact, impression and vision. Leaders are courageous risk takers that are fearlessly driven to challenge themselves, staff, peers and superiors. They are not afraid to make unpopular decisions and they do it with strength not bullying. Leaders are decisive and take ownership of the good and bad. They are not threatened by their teams’ talents; they welcome fostering growth in others and instilling confidence in their staff. Leaders pave the way to change through example, hard work and dedication, and in turn, employees will follow a proven trusted leader. 

As you flourish in your careers, take note of the attributes of your bosses. Notice how they make decisions, how they conduct themselves and how they interface with employees and colleagues. This type of intel can help contribute to how you shape your leadership or management style. Seeking out a strong trusted mentor who has walked in your shoes, can really make a difference. 

As leaders and managers, it is important to remember that good management and good leadership complement each other; great leaders need great managers and vice versa. Not everyone wants to be or is capable of being a leader, and that is ok-nobody is good at all things. However, it is important to know what kind of boss you want to be or what kind of boss you want to work for. If you are clear on these, it helps move you in the right direction and into the right culture and organization, and that is a great place to be.   


Reference: Webster’s Dictionary APPBody text here.

Message from Your ACHE Regent

It is graduation season and new MHA graduates across the country are joining the ranks of our profession. Do you remember what first brought you into medicine? Are you now where you thought you would be after graduation? I challenge each of us to make new connections with students, new graduates, new members of our organizations and other healthcare leaders. Who have you connected with this spring?

Another cornerstone of our success is healthcare advocacy at the local, state, and national levels. WSHA provided our chapter with an outstanding legislative update and reminded each of us that we can be a vital voice by getting to know our council members, legislators, and becoming a sought after resource to educate about healthcare issues.

We have two meet and mingle sessions coming up in June, as well as opportunities to earn ACHE credit towards advancement right here in Seattle. Our WSHEF board and I want to hear what we can do to bring the most relevant programming in a convenient location for you. If you are interested in serving ACHE at the state or national level, I am happy to share my experience with you. Nominations are due this summer (July 15 – Governor; August 23 – Regent) so don’t delay.

I hope you have a relaxing and restorative summer.

Serving leaders who care,

Andrea Z. Turner, FACHE
Regent for Washington
Director, Overlake Medical Center & Clinics

Connect with me on LinkedIn or Twitter: @WAStateRegent


Welcome New Members, Fellows and Recertified Fellows

Welcome New Members!



Chris W. Coon                        Seattle             WA

Mark Cortezzo                        Brier                WA

Winfried A. Danke                 Olympia          WA

Wismine D'Avilar                   Oak Harbor     WA

LTJG Eric R. Eberspeaker, MHA      Bremerton       WA

Carly Elliott                            Walla Walla    WA

Quinton B. Harold                  Vancouver       WA

Vivek Jain, MD                      Tacoma            WA

Mital Shah, MHA                   Seattle             WA

Pamela Shepard                      Edmonds         WA

SFC Charles A. Southerland  Tacoma            WA

MAJ Christiaan D. Taylor       Roy                 WA

Tona Taylor                             Lynnwood      WA

Charanjit Virk, MD                Puyallup          WA




Brian Garish                            Vancouver       WA

CDR James R. Hagen             Bremerton       WA

Heidi Hurn                              Seattle             WA

Pat Songer                               Leavenworth   WA




Jacqueline M. Britton, MPA   Bothell             WA

Gary Guenther                         Bellevue          WA

Panachon Lor                          Bonney Lake   WA

Gregg Miller, MD                   Edmonds         WA

LTC Gail E. Raymond           DuPont            WA

Frank Smith                            Seattle             WA

Mehrnoush Tehrani                 Seattle             WA


Congrats to Recertifying Fellows!!



Wade J. Harman, JD, FACHE                                               WA

Thomas R. Rylander, FACHE                       DuPont            WA




Donavan K. Knight, FACHE                         Burien             WA

Jeffrey W. Richey, RN, FACHE                    Seattle             WA

Tim M. Strickland, FACHE                           Vancouver       WA




Michael G. Brunn, FACHE                            Seattle             WA

Van Chaudhari, FACHE                                Seattle             WA

Lt Col Scott D. Cook, FACHE                      Fairchild AFB WA

Lori L. Everett, FACHE                                 Morton            WA

Theresa Sullivan, FACHE                              Moses Lake     WA

Congrats to New Fellows!!



Meghan McCarthy, FACHE                          Vancouver       WA







Member Advancement Opportunities

Advancement Information Sessions

Advancement Information Session (AIS) – WSHEF has scheduled their next AIS webinar. This one-hour live webinar will share the value of the FACHE credential, the requirements to become credentialed and resources to prepare.

Date:               Aug 6, 2019

Time:               TBD

Register:          Registration link forthcoming


If you questions you can contact ACHE's Customer Service Center or the WSHEF Advancement Committee at wshef.advancement@achemail.net. Now is the perfect time to apply for Fellow status in a ACHE. When you submit your completed application by June 30, 2019 along with the $250 application fee and all supporting documents, ACHE will waive the $200 Board of Governors Exam fee. That waiver is valid for 6 months after your application has been approved.

Why obtain your Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives (FACHE) click here?

1.     The FACHE credential demonstrates professionalism, ethical decision making, competence, leadership skills and commitment to lifelong learning.

2.     The FACHE credential symbolizes a commitment to excellence; it is a rigorous credential based on multi-faceted criteria—including a valid and reliable examination.

3.     Board certification provides the personal satisfaction of achieving a goal and achieving professional recognition.

Interested in Advancing?

1.     Participate in an Advancement Information Session to learn more about the value of the credential, the requirements to advance, and the resources to make this next move in your professional development.

2.     Join a study group to begin preparing for the Board of Governors exam. There may be a group starting in January.

3.     Contact the Advancement committee for more information.

Advancement Information Resources

The ACHE Credentialing website has a wealth of information to show the value of the credential and help you plan your path to attaining board certification as a healthcare executive. Just go to www.ACHE.org/FACHE. If you cannot attend one of these sessions, both ACHE and WSHEF have recorded webinars available on their websites. In addition, resources to help you begin your journey are on the ACHE website.  And remember, the members of WSHEF are here to help.



WSHEF Advancement Committee Needs You!

WSHEF Advancement Committee – Volunteer Opportunities


WSHEF members are often looking for opportunities to assist with an event or activity. The Advancement Committee has some great opportunities for WSHEF members looking for a chance to become more involved and give back to our profession. Please consider one of the following opportunities:
Fellows Only Event – These events are tailored to members that have attained the Fellow certification in the American College of Healthcare Executives. Help or lead the selection of a sponsor, venue, speaker and other logistics to host another outstanding opportunity for ACHE Fellows to network and gain additional healthcare knowledge. In the past, proceeds of these events have gone to the Foundation for Healthcare Excellence.
Advancement Information Sessions – Are you a recent Fellow in the American College of Healthcare Executives? Are you interested in getting the next batch of members motivated to work toward their own Fellow credential to demonstrate excellence in healthcare management? Then consider volunteering to lead or assist with the development of Advancement Information Sessions every three to six months. Ideally these session or webinars will provide 1.5 hours of information on the steps for a member to take to move to the next level as a certified healthcare executive with the ACHE Fellow designation.
Board of Governors (BOG) Exam Study Group – Getting ready for the BOG exam to apply toward your Fellow credential with ACHE? Consider a study group to help motivate and guide your preparation. Study groups will follow the format of the ACHE preparation guides and have periodic online meetings as determined by the group. The groups share the initial preparation of the discussion using the ACHE recommended materials. As an added bonus, each member that successfully passes the BOG exam within a year of the end of the Study Group can submit the receipts for the ACHE study preparation books and receive a $240 refund.
Board of Governors Exam Study Group Facilitator – One member of the study group who is interested in running the study group can also apply to be a study group facilitator. If selected, the member will have the ACHE exam preparation webinar series and the preparation books covered by the chapter. The facilitator will help arrange the study group meetings and assignments. The group normally rotates taking lead on each topic to be covered at study group meeting. Virtual meetings will be encouraged to allow for remote BOG exam candidates to be able to participate.

Volunteer Opportunities

Asian Healthcare Leadership Forum is looking for you!

ACHE National News

Run for the Council of Regents, Save $200 on BOG exam, Learn about new ACHE Choice Program

Access to Career Resources Continues Following 2019 Congress  
Thank you to the nearly 100 volunteers who assisted hundreds of visitors to the Career Center at this year’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership. With their help, we provided approximately 500 career advising and resume review sessions.
If you missed the 2019 Congress, you can still access leadership assessments and other career management tools year-round by visiting ache.org/CareerResources. The resources available can help you advance your career, build your brand, develop your network and seek new opportunities. Whether navigating professional transitions or creating a long-term plan, everything you need to manage and develop every step of your career is a click away.
Save $200 on the BOG Exam Fee 
When you submit your advancement application by June 30, the $200 Board of Governors Exam fee will be waived.
Earning the FACHE® is the gold standard for board certification in healthcare management, so obtaining this coveted credential signifies hard work, dedication and commitment. We want to thank you for your efforts, which is why when you submit your completed application by June 30, along with the $250 application fee and all supporting documents, the $200 Board of Governors Exam fee will be waived.
If you are committed to standing out as a leader among leaders in healthcare management, learn about the requirements to sit for the BOG Exam and the complimentary resources available to help you prepare for it here.
Your Success Benefits Everyone
When you share the value of your ACHE membership with colleagues, you not only help advance the profession but can earn rewards as well.
Each time you encourage someone to join ACHE or help them earn their FACHE® you receive a reward point through the Leader-to-Leader Program. The more reward points you collect, the more rewards you can receive. When you help grow ACHE, you not only make a strong statement about your professionalism and leadership in the healthcare field, but you strengthen the organization. For more information visit ache.org/L2L.
Choice: ACHE's Tailored Professional Development Series
Choice offers the ability to tailor ACHE’s high quality, professional development programs, seminars and assessments specifically to your organization. This new customizable professional development series (formerly known as "On-Location") is designed to meet the educational needs and close the competency gaps within your group. Additionally, leading every ACHE program is a respected expert speaker, facilitator or author with a real-world perspective.
Choice programming means that clients receive the professional development needed, where it is convenient and with a cadence that works best for their organizations. During the planning phase, clients have options for who, what, where, when and how their programs are tailored. These programs, categorized in a meaningful way, focus on topics that affect executives and leaders in the healthcare industry today. Some of these topics include:
• Advancing Population Health
• Career Resource Management
• Care Delivery Management
• Employee Experience and Relationship Management
• Executive Leadership Coaching
• Fiscal Leadership and Management
• Governance
• Operational Advancement
• Physician Executive Partnerships
• Patient Experience and Consumerism
• Safety and Quality
• Technology and Information Analytics
As ACHE continues to advance both leaders and the healthcare management field toward excellence, we also strive to meet today’s challenges with bold new solutions. Choice is an example of that. For questions regarding Choice programming, the topics listed above or how we can help bring tailored professional development to your organization, please contact Catie Russo, program specialist, at crusso@ache.org or (312) 424-9362. Visit ache.org/Choice for more information.
Run for ACHE Regent
All Fellows who wish to run for election to serve on the Council of Regents must submit a letter of intent to elections@ache.org by Aug. 23. The letter of intent must include a current business title, business address, email address and telephone number. 
The Council of Regents is the legislative body representing ACHE’s more than 48,000 members. Serving as an elected official is a unique opportunity that allows you to exercise your leadership ability, share innovative ideas and act on behalf of ACHE members.
Elections will be held in the following jurisdictions:
District of Columbia & Northern Virginia
Florida—Northern & Western
Illinois—Metropolitan Chicago
Michigan & Northwest Ohio
Nebraska & Western Iowa
New Jersey—Northern
New York—Northern and Western
North Carolina
North Dakota
Pennsylvania—Southeast & Southern New Jersey
Puerto Rico
South Carolina
Visit the Official Notice for the 2019–2020 Council of Regents Elections for more information, or contact Caitlin E. Stine, communications specialist, Department of Marketing, at cstine@ache.org
Research Solutions Sought for 2020 Congress 
Authors can submit proposals to present their research at the annual Forum on Advances in Healthcare Management Research during next year’s Congress on Healthcare Leadership. The lead presenter of each selected proposal will receive a complimentary registration to Congress. Please visit ache.org/Congress/ForumRFP.cfm for the selection criteria and submission instructions. Submit your abstract, of up to 400 words, by July 10.

ACHE: Become Board Certified in Healthcare Management

Ready to Advance to Fellow?

Why Board Certification - You want to go to board certified physicians for your care, so why not go to an organization with board certified healthcare executives. Earning the distinction of board certification as a Fellow of the American College of Healthcare Executives demonstrates your competence, dedication and commitment to lifelong learning. To learn more, visit ache.org and then go to the credentialing page. 

Advancement Information Session - Do you want to learn more about the value of board certification and the steps to completion? Then come to the Advancement Information Session sponsored by the Washington State Healthcare Executives Forum. There are two ways to participate. In-person or at your desk through a webinar. These sessions will be held twice annually. For more information about future information sessions you can contact Steve Saxe at smsaxe@comcast.net.




ACHE Tuition Waiver Assistance Program

To reduce the barriers to ACHE educational programming for ACHE members experiencing economic hardship, ACHE has established the Tuition Waiver Assistance Program.

ACHE makes available a limited number of tuition waivers to ACHE Members and Fellows whose organizations lack the resources to fund their tuition for education programs. Members and Fellows in career transition are also encouraged to apply. Tuition waivers are based on financial need and are available for the following ACHE education programs:

  • Congress on Healthcare Leadership
  • Cluster Seminars
  • Self-Study Programs
  • Online Education Programs
  • Online Tutorial (Board of Governors Exam preparation)
  • ACHE Board of Governors Exam Review Course

All requests are due no less than eight weeks before the program date, except for ACHE self-study courses; see quarterly application deadlines on the FAQ page of the tuition waiver application. Incomplete applications and applications received after the deadline will not be considered. Recipients will be notified of the waiver review panel's decision not less than six weeks before the program date. For ACHE self-study courses, applicants will be notified three weeks after the quarterly application deadline.

If you have questions about the program, visit ache.org/TuitionWaiver.

Check out ACHE's New Redesigned Website!

ACHE launched a redesigned ache.org in December 2018. This new "digital front door" is an important milestone in delivering on our goal to educate, engage and inspire leaders to improve health.

Designed with our members and users in mind, the new site:

  • Provides timely and relevant content, resources and information

  • Ensures ease-of-use and a modern interface

  • Promotes growth and engagement

  • Tells the story of ACHE and its members

The new website is the first phase of a digital strategy that will continue to evolve, ultimately providing healthcare leaders, especially members, with value-added content, a personalized experience and a sense of community. While the site provides a fresh, new look and experience, the regular activities that members conduct on the site, such as paying membership dues, registering for a seminar or purchasing a book, will function as usual.

Washington Healthcare Programs and Career Development

UW Executive MHA and Medical Management Programs

The UW Executive MHA Program (EMHA) is a part-time master’s program that equips you with the business and management skills to advance into leadership roles and help your organizations deliver better patient care. Designed for mid-career professionals, the EMHA program allows you to continue working full-time while earning a Master of Health Administration (MHA) from one of the best programs in the nation. The healthcare industry needs leaders who thoroughly understand the unique and complex business of healthcare. Consider applying or forwarding to colleagues in your network.


> Learn more about the EMHA program

> Apply Now

WSU Spokane MHPA program

If it is time to futher your education and earn a master's degree in health policy and administration, WSU offers an exciting program designed around a working professional's schedule. 


The Master of Health Policy and Administration (MHPA) degree is a vigorous, CAHME accredited, and personalized program that prepares future leaders in the dynamic and growing field of healthcare management. WSU HPA students enjoy small class sizes (12-20 students), which facilitate opportunities for strong and lasting relationships with both peers and professors. Students are required to participate in individual and group based projects and be actively engaged in class discussions. Additionally, students are provided valuable professional connections by networking with local healthcare professionals through site visits, guest lectures, student body events, and alumni events. 

A hallmark of the MHPA program is the completion of an internship. The required internship allows the student to gain leadership experience in the health care environment, explore the field, develop professional contacts, and contribute to career planning. The Department of Health Policy & Administration will help the student find an internship that meets your needs, or the student may arrange their own internship.  

Graduates of the program work in a wide range of career fields including hospital management, public health, managed care, group practice management, and financial management. Since 2013, 90% of WSU MHPA graduates secured employment within 3 months of graduation!

The program is ideal for working health care professionals who want to enhance their management skills or advance to management positions. To attract and accommodate our working professional students, our classes are offered from 4:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m., four days a week. Additionally, the program accommodates both full-time and part-time students. 

WSU Spokane’s Department of Health Policy and Administration is a proud member of the Western Interstate Commission for Higher Education (WICHE) which provides waivers for out-of-state tuition in 16 states. For more information regarding WICHE, please visit www.wiche.edu.

To learn more about the MHPA program, visit: http://spokane.wsu.edu/admissions/HPA/ or contact the Academic Coordinator, Robin Durfee, at robin.durfee@wsu.edu or 509.358.7987.

Your Career & Development - JOB BANKS

If you are a member of ACHE you have access to a robust, national job bank. It can be found at:

ACHE Job Bank

We are pleased to provide a link to the WA Healthcare News Job Bank. This is an excellent source of information about positions in our local geographic area. The available position list has also been extended recently to contain some positions in other parts of the country.

WA Healthcare News Job Bank



2019 Officers and Board Members

2019 WSHEF Officers:

  • Lori Nomura, JD, President
  • Brian Barry, President-Elect
  • Pam Rock, MSHA, FACHE, Immediate Past President
  • Sue Miller, PharmD, Secretary
  • Ryan Sundquist, MHA, Treasurer

 2019 WSHEF Board Members:

  • Rosalee Allen, PHR, FACHE
  • Park Corbin
  • Emily Yu, MHA
  • Aaron Hefel, MBA, MHA
  • Karin Larson-Pollock, MD, FACHE
  • Nick Malos, MHPA
  • Valerie Chrusciel,MBA, FACHE
  • John Joyce, MBA, FACHE

 ACHE Regent, WA (within District 5)

  • Andrea Turner, FACHE

MILITARY Representative

  • Serena Mukai, MHA
  • Nolan Brandt

         Term ongoing 


      University of Washington

  • Makenna Sewell
         University of Washington
  • Kelly Mohammed



Thank you to our Chapter Sponsors!



Foster Pepper PLLC’s health care practice is a principal focus of our firm and consistently recognized as a top practice by U.S. News-Best Lawyers “Best Law Firms” survey. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in virtually all areas of health care and life sciences law, including governance and organization of public and private hospitals, human subjects research, medical staff issues, regulatory compliance, state and federal tax and tax-exempt issues, structuring joint ventures, and transactions. We are proud to represent several hospitals around the region, as well as serving as special or general counsel to most of the public hospital districts in the state. 




Ogden Murphy Wallace, P.L.L.C. is a leading multispecialty law firm committed to providing practical, cost-effective legal services to businesses, municipal entities, and individuals. The firm has served Pacific Northwest clients for over 100 years, providing valuable legal services as our clients' affairs have prospered and expanded.



WSHEF Vision & Values

To be the premier professional society connecting leaders in Washington State to learn, share, and transform health care.


To advance Washington state ACHE members' healthcare professional excellence through interaction and communication and fostering professional development.

As members of our Chapter, we are committed to:

We advocate and emulate high ethical conduct in all we do.

Lifelong Learning
We recognize lifelong learning is essential to our ability to innovate and continually improve ourselves, our organizations and our profession.

We lead through example and mentoring, and recognize caring must be a
cornerstone of our professional interactions.

We advocate inclusion and embrace the differences of those with whom we work
and the communities we serve.

We recognize service to our communities is an integral part of who we are as
healthcare professionals.

We take initiative to build partnerships in advancing professional
development within and outside of our healthcare community.


Our Goals
Service Excellence                                                                                                                    



DELIVERY of WSHEF Newsletter (Disclaimer)

To ensure delivery of your chapter newsletter, please add info@wshef.ache.org to your email address book or Safe Sender List. If you are still having problems receiving our communications, see our white-listing page for more details:


Get Involved!

Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for ways to connect with more healthcare leaders? Volunteer for a WSHEF committee!

As a volunteer organization committed to being the premier professional society connecting healthcare leaders in Washington State, WSHEF depends on volunteers to run its programs and provide service to its members. Opportunities abound for individuals looking to connect with other healthcare professionals, learn more about WSHEF programs and services or give back to the healthcare professional community. WSHEF has volunteer opportunities for the following committees:  

If you are passionate about continuing education and professional development, consider volunteering for WSHEF’s Programs Committee. Programs Committee participation can include annual committee membership, where you participate in setting the vision and long-term strategies for WSHEF sponsored events. Volunteering can also be event specific, allowing you to volunteer for the amount of time you are able to commit. Event specific volunteering is a great way to meet your local colleagues and support your local ACHE chapter. Time commitment for events is typically 3 months and totals less than 10 hours, serving in ways such as:

•  Event Planning (Location, Speaker, Topic, etc…)
•  Event Materials & Promotion
•  Day of Event Support (Check-in/Greeters, Setup, etc…)

If you’re interested in volunteering with the Programs Committee, please reach out to Programs Committee Co-Chairs at wshef.membership@achemail.net.

Beyond joining a committee, there are other ways to get involved. Write an article for the newsletter, attend an educational session and bring a colleague, provide a venue for an event or serve as a mentor for an MHA student. Just email one of the contacts above to get connected.  


Host a Meet N Mingle in Your Area

Get to know your colleagues!  Watch for Upcoming Meet-n-Mingle Events in your Neighborhood

•        Have you wondered if there are ways you can meet more of your local healthcare colleagues – that  mysterious thing called “networking”?
•        Are you looking to find a next role?  You looking for the right candidate?
•        Is there a problem you are tackling at work and wonder if others are working on a similar issue?  Or are you just looking for others who will understand what the heck you are talking about?
•        Know where all the local healthcare execs hang out after work?
The highly popular Meet-N-Mingle events are happening at different venues across our state. As future dates and locations are finalized, an invitation will be sent out.
Meet-n-Mingles are informal gatherings of area WSHEF members at a local restaurant or pub. There is typically a small fee to cover appetizers. While this is not a formal education program, someone will be there to share upcoming WSHEF and ACHE events and activities. 
So, rather than heading out into the usual rush-hour, head over to a local Meet-n-Mingle for a nosh and a drink and get to know your fellow executives. We want to put A U in COLLEGE! (hint: colleAgUe)
By the way, we are always looking for local hosts around the state and we will help you do all the planning. If you have an interest in holding a future Meet-N-Mingle in your area let the membership committee know at wshef.membership@achemail.net.

Thanks, and get networking people!


All ACHE members located within the chapter's assigned geographic territory are automatically members of the chapter as a benefit of being an ACHE member. Only ACHE members are eligible to hold membership in the chapter.
If you are not a current ACHE member, we encourage you to join by visiting the ACHE website. Nonmembers are welcome to attend chapter events. If you would like to be added to the chapter's nonmember mailing list to be notified of future programs and events, please send an email to info@wshef.ache.org.