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Fellows Spotlight:  Martin Benning

When asked the question of what he wanted to be when he grew up, a career in healthcare was the last thing that Martin Benning would previously answer. A long battle with childhood cancer pushed Martin away from healthcare, and down his initial path of pre-law at the University of Washington. However, Martin says a job at the Seattle Surgery Center during college is when he began to “fall into healthcare.” His initial exposure in combination with his past patient journey in healthcare are what eventually drew him back in and brought him to where he is today.

Through his personal and professional experience, Martin states that he has always put physicians on a pedestal and is part of why he loves what he does so much. While he admits that care delivery has never been for him, being able to support them from an operational level has helped him to continually show his appreciation to caregivers and physicians. He is constantly looking for ways to align administrative visions with those of the providers, recognizing common goals and working to explicitly address the “why” behind these goals.

Martin is beginning his role as the Vice President of Clinical Operations and Market Integration for Washington Kaiser Permanente in the South Service area. Whether through quality and process improvement, or his current role, he has always worked in an operational role to some capacity. Throughout his career, he has appreciated the networking opportunities that ACHE has provided him as fellow. He recognizes the value in speaking a common language as his peers in this organization, and through his years as a fellow, has found that it creates a rapport among colleagues who are like-minded in their commitment to the healthcare industry and profession.


Thanks to Kelly Lalita Mohammad, MHPA candidate WSU for Fellow Spotlight article.



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