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April 30, 2013
News from the Oncology Community
Joint International Oncology Congress

The recent successful biennial meetings of the Sentinel Node Oncology Foundation (SNOF) in San Francisco, CA, and New York, NY, as well as  previous International Sentinel Node Society (ISNS) meetings, have spurred the development of other global meetings. The Joint International Oncology Congress (JIOC)—May 27–29 at the Hilton San Francisco (CA) Financial District Hotel—will present an international faculty representing both the ISNS and the SNOF. Renowned international faculty and leading experts in the field of oncology and cancer research will participate in the congress, fostering uniform dialogue among the disciplines responsible for discovering and delivering cancer therapies. The congress will provide updates in the understanding of cancer metastases, especially sentinel node biopsy concepts and technology. There will be a focus on studies of biomarkers and their diagnostic and prognostic applications in cancer progression and metastatic cancer, as well as their usefulness in radioimaging and molecular-targeted therapy. Participants will also explore recent developments in understanding the cancer microenvironment, the molecular mechanisms involved in the progression of cancer cells to metastasis, and immune trafficking and responses to cancer cells. Sessions will include discussions of recent clinical trials of emerging therapies.

The congress will bring together basic scientists, oncologists, surgeons, and radiologists from around the world, resulting in an exchange of ideas that will enhance the translation of basic science into clinical application—thereby challenging basic scientists with clinical issues and linking "the bench to the bedside."

Please join us at the congress and visit the JIOC website for more information.

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