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April 30, 2013
Accreditation Corner
Clarification of Standard 1.1 and 1.9

The Standards Advisory Group for Excellence (SAGE) clarified the requirements for two standards.  These clarifications should assist programs to interpret the standards and understand how to comply with the requirements.

Standard 1.1: Physician Credentials

SAGE clarified that the standard applies to physicians in the following specialties:
Diagnostic radiology
Radiation oncology
Medical oncology
General surgery
And, surgeons who care for patients that are in the facility’s five major sites of cancer. 

SAGE recognizes that there may be some variability in each facility’s 5th major site, however, this is primarily a stable group.  Programs will aggregate their top 5 sites over the 3 year accreditation period and supply board certification or CME information for this group of physicians.  Internal medicine and primary care physicians will not be included in this requirement.

Standard 1.9: Clinical Trial Accrual

Previously, SAGE had determined that CoC-accredited programs could count accrued patients only if the cancer-related clinical trial included a defined research question.  This excluded most bio repository and tissue banking trials and patients enrolled in a registry (similar to the PET registry).  SAGE has reconsidered this position and determined that patients with cancer from CoC-accredited programs who provide tissue and other specimens for bio repositories can be counted toward the clinical trial enrollment for this standard.

In addition, patients with cancer who are enrolled in registries for research purposes, e.g. PET registry, can also be counted toward this standard.

Please note that this clarification does not change the decision that patients accrued to the American Cancer Society CPS-3 study cannot be counted toward this standard.

Threads on both topics posted to the CAnswer Forum have been updated to reflect these decisions.  The SAR and the manual will be updated to reflect both changes as well.

If you have questions about either interpretation, please post your questions to the CAnswer Forum at

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