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August 1, 2013
Accreditation Corner
Revised Deficiency Resolutions Process

The Deficiency Resolution Process has been revised for 2013 surveys and beyond. You have one year to submit resolution documentation from the time you receive access to your initial Performance Report through CoC Datalinks. This date is also documented on the title page of the Performance Report.

You can now access the Deficiency Resolution link through the SAR menu. Once you open the link, click on the deficiency resolution ribbon that appears on the screen, then click on “Select additional standard for resolution” for each standard that has been found deficient from the survey. You will upload supporting documentation directly into this table. It is required that you enter comments for each standard regarding the resolution. These comments replace the cover letter.

Note: Standards 5.5 and 5.6: To resolve, schedule a time to resubmit data, or questions regarding deficiencies from National Cancer Data Base submission, please contact Jerri Linn Phillips at

Once all documents and comments have been entered for each deficient standard, click on “Submit resolution to CoC” at the bottom of the screen. Resolutions for all deficiencies are to be uploaded before they will be reviewed by the CoC. Required documents to demonstrate compliance can be found at:

  • On the Deficiency Resolution screen, to the right of the listed standard, there will be an icon with the letter R. When you click the icon, it will tell you what documents are required for resolution for that standard.
Deficiencies from 2012 surveys will continue to submit their documentation and cover letter through the Historical Survey Application Record link.

Resolutions are processed within 30 calendar days of receipt by the CoC. The deficiency resolution outcome will be sent by an automated e-mail notification indicating that your performance report has been updated.

Any deficiency resolution e-mailed to Vicki Chiappetta will be directed to resubmit through the CoC Datalinks Database.

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