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August 1, 2013
National Cancer Data Base News
Important CP3R Update Information

The updated CP3R Report will be released in a few weeks. It will include several modifications as described below.

1.    Survey review of the CP3R for Standards 4.4 and 4.5 is directed toward cases diagnosed in 2010 and subsequently.  In 2014, cases diagnosed in 2010 and 2011 will be surveyed.  Therefore, the CP3R update will involve the diagnosis years 2010 and 2011 that were submitted during 2012 and 2013 Calls for Data.  There are two major implications of this:

a.    The earlier, pre-2010 diagnosis years will no longer be available in the CP3R, so if the program needs to retain any screens for historic information, those screens should be copied by July 31.
b.    Manual edits made in the CP3R not reflected in data submitted to NCDB in 2013 will be lost.
2.    The updated CP3R data will be deduplicated the same way as all other NCDB reports are to make sure no duplicates appear in the tables.  For example, if the case was submitted originally with sequence 00 and later with sequence 01, the case with sequence 01 will replace the case with sequence 00.

3.    The updated CP3R report will keep the existing breast, colon and rectum measures, and add three new breast measures:

a.    Breast conservation surgery rate for women with AJCC clinical stage 0, I, or II breast cancer.
b.    Radiation therapy is considered or administered following any mastectomy within 1 year (365 days) of diagnosis of breast cancer for women with >= 4 positive regional lymph nodes.
c.    Image or palpation-guided needle biopsy (core or FNA) is performed for the treatment of breast cancer.
4.    The computation of passage of time was modified to include cases where the exact day is missing if the month unambiguously falls within the required time interval.  Some programs will see additional eligible cases as a result.

5.    New detailed, easy-to-follow descriptions of all measures will be posted when the CP3R is updated.

NCDB will send an announcement when the updates become available.

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