January 30, 2003 / Issue No. 1-04
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Editor's Note
Welcome to the New Electronic 'AGC's Environmental Observer'
Caterpillar Pays $128 Million for Missing Emission-Reductions Deadline
EPA Plans To Finalize Watershed Rule and Construction Guidelines in 2004
Watershed-Based NPDES Permitting Guide Now Available
Environmental Streamlining
DOT Issues System for Solving Environmental Disputes; Other ‘Streamlining’ Initiatives Underway
Green Construction
LEED® Green Building Rating System—The Basics
News & Events
EPA Issues Policy on Inspectors’ Role in Compliance Assistance
Learn Where the Contractor Fits into Green Construction
AGC Chapters Explore LEED® with USGBC
EPA Goes Primetime with Its Storm Water Message
Comments Requested on Green Guidelines for Healthcare Construction
AGC-EPA Interface
Collaborating with Construction

  Welcome to the New Electronic 'AGC's Environmental Observer'
"AGC's Environmental Observer" has been improving its electronic format. The new electronic version will be e-mailed once a month. Editor, Leah Wood, explains the benefits to members.

Dear Subscribers,

As we kick off 2004, I am pleased to announce that AGC’s Environmental Observer has a new look and feel!  E-subscribers will continue to get instant delivery.  In many ways, the new, improved electronic version of the newsletter is far superior to the old version.  This format makes it even easier for you to monitor the environmental issues that are most important to you. The table of contents is "interactive;" meaning you can click straight to the articles you want to read. Plus, each story has hypertext links that take you directly to more detailed information. In addition, you can now e-mail the editor, e-mail important articles or issues to your colleagues, update your subscriber information, and search back issues on your computer. There is also a print feature that allows you to print the entire issue or, if you prefer, just single articles.

But wait there’s more… Beginning this month, the Observer will feature a permanent column—called "AGC-EPA Interface"—written by Peter Truitt of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (construction industry point-of-contact). Through AGC’s "Sector Strategies" partnership with EPA, Mr. Truitt seeks to work with the Association and its members in a coordinated, cooperative, and constructive way. Our main priorities are (1) to refine regulations in ways that bring a better environment and reduce burden on contractors, (2) to increase use of environmental management systems (EMSs), and (3) to measure results.

Needless to say, the Observer remains a powerful information service that is free to AGC members. To that end, AGC will continue to make every effort to ensure that the newsletter provides you with all the news you need on construction and the environment!


Leah F. Wood
Associated General Contractors of America
Editor, AGC’s Environmental Observer
Senior Counsel, Environmental Law [ return to top ]