April 22, 2004 / Issue No. 2-04
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AGC's Environmental Services
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Editor's Note
This Earth Day AGC Steps Up to the Plate and Announces Its Environmental Game Plan
EPA Issues ‘No Rule’ For Storm Water Runoff—AGC Applauds Less Complicated, Less Costly Decision
AGC, EPA Update and Expand Their Online Storm Water Resources
EPA Designates Ozone Nonattainment Areas and Releases Partial Implementation Rule
EPA Gears Up To Finalize Nonroad Diesel Engine and Fuel Rule
Construction To Be Focus at National Retrofit Conference; AGC Prepares To Present Contractors’ View
Green Construction
AGC Comments on Exclusion of Association from Development of National Green Building Standard
AGC Joins Developers, Realtors, and Architects at Green Construction Forum
AGC To Showcase Top Recyclers of C&D Debris
News & Events
EPA Raises Maximum Penalties for Violations
New Networking Opportunity for Highway Contractors and DOT Officials Is in the Works
AGC Continues on the Track to Environmental Excellence
AGC-EPA Interface
Using AGC’s Point-of-Contact at EPA

  This Earth Day AGC Steps Up to the Plate and Announces Its Environmental Game Plan
This April ushers in another Earth Day (and marks the start of the baseball season). AGC’s "green team" has been working hard on its game plan to ensure another successful year.

Dear Subscribers,

AGC will continue to rely on its tried-and-true compliance assistance and advocacy services—to keep members from striking out with the regulatory agencies. This year, AGC aims to mix more green construction resources into its line up—to help members market themselves to environmentally savvy owners and win new business.

Here are some key players that members can expect to see this season. Some are seasoned hitters making a come back and others are rookies with something to prove. All will contribute to a dream team that will shine in the home stretch.

1. AGC’s Regional Environmental Seminars returns to bat this year, with a switch-hitting twist. AGC will join forces with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials to provide a networking program on regulatory and sustainability issues for highway contractors and state departments of transportation. Green construction is not just for building contractors! The construction industry as a whole recycles more material than any other industry. Highway construction is a heavy hitter and a significant part of this effort. This year’s program will be held on September 9 and 10, 2004, in Charlotte, N.C. See related article, this newsletter.

2. After hard work during the off season by task force volunteers, headed up by Robert Lanham of Williams Brothers Construction, AGC’s Environmental Management System (EMS) Template emerges from spring training to make its debut at AGC’s upcoming Midyear Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. An EMS can help turn environmental challenges into successes through effective management of environmental risks. Stay tuned for more information.

3. In the outfield, AGC’s online green construction resources have been updated and expanded. There are links to in-depth green construction information, recycling facts, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) programs, and green construction certifications. Don’t forget to scout out AGC’s 2003 Green Products Directory. Go to http://www.constructionenvironment.org  and click on "Green Construction."

4. Collect AGC’s Environmental Solution Series articles and refer back to the stats on your favorite projects. Each article in the series highlights an AGC chapter or team member who has gone above and beyond to preserve and/or rehabilitate the environment. The series regularly appears in CONSTRUCTOR magazine. Start documenting your environmental success stories now and consider submitting an article of your own! An archive of past articles is available on AGC’s Environmental Services webpage at http://www.agc.org/Environmental_Info/env_solutions.asp.  

5. "Get your program!" CONSTRUCTOR magazine is already at work on the second AGC Green Construction Bible to appear this fall. This game day program will contain short case studies and hints for green construction success. The first AGC Green Construction Bible is online at http://www.agc.org/Environmental_Info/env_solutions.asp.

6. AGC is recruiting All Star players from other teams as it explores and expands relationships with other organizations. AGC will be networking with EPA, U.S. Green Building Council, American Institute of Architects, and other pinch hitters on green construction tools for AGC members. These players promise to strengthen AGC’s green construction line up and ensure that contractors are not excluded from the green construction process. Stay tuned for more information and see related articles this issue.

7. Don’t sit back.  Join the wave, and participate in the first ever AGC construction and demolition (C&D) debris recycling survey. AGC will use your input to plan its future C&D debris recycling efforts and initiatives with EPA. Recycling Hall of Famers will be highlighted by AGC. See related article, this newsletter.

8. Take a seventh inning stretch, and learn from the professionals. AGC and EPA plan to team up in 2004 and 2005 to provide EMS training for contractors. Attendees will learn how to use AGC’s EMS Guidance and Templates to develop an effective EMS strategy for their team. Stay tuned for more information.

9. The bases are loaded and no one is out as AGC’s Environmental Resources Committee forms a Green Construction Task Force to clear the bases. This special task force, headed up by Thomas Taylor of Alberici Constructors, will plan a green construction session at AGC’s upcoming Midyear Meeting in Phoenix, Ariz. Answers will be given to key questions, such as: What is green construction? What’s the contractor’s role? What’s the future impact of green construction on the industry? Stay tuned for more information.

AGC’s Environmental Services are not just the soda pop and hot dogs vended during the game. They are tools and resources that your company can use to get in shape and win. Don’t be left warming the bench. I encourage each and every member to take advantage of the green construction resources that AGC has to offer, and keep your eyes on the ball!

If you have any questions about AGC’s Environmental Services (not baseball!), please contact me directly at (703) 837-5415 or tomainom@agc.org.


Melinda Tomaino Flores
Associated General Contractors of America
Assistant Editor, AGC’s Environmental Observer
Environmental Program Coordinator

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