February 4, 2005 / Issue No. 1-05
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DRAFT Report on Diesel Retrofit Now Available for Review and Comment
Green Construction
AGC Comments on EPA’s Draft of Model Specifications for Green Construction
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Registration NOW OPEN for Second AGC-EPA Environmental Management System Training; 20 Person Limit
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AGC-EPA Interface
EPA and AGC Weigh Diesel Retrofit Incentives for Construction

  DRAFT Report on Diesel Retrofit Now Available for Review and Comment
At AGC’s request, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has engaged outside consultants to research and report on the many alternatives to government mandates for diesel retrofit. Those consultants have just completed their DRAFT report and it is now available on the AGC Web site.

Hoping to make the most of this opportunity to influence government policy on diesel retrofit, AGC urges all chapters and members to review the DRAFT report—entitled Emission Reduction Incentives for Off-Road Diesel Equipment Used in the Port and Construction Sectors—and to comment on its findings and conclusions.  This is your opportunity to directly participate in EPA’s search for innovative ways to help contractors reduce diesel engine emissions from their old (in-use) construction equipment.  The DRAFT report seeks to balance the construction industry’s economic and business concerns with the nation’s goals for air quality.  At its core lies a discussion of “retrofit incentives.”  The consultants have set out to identify (from the contractor's perspective) what incentive programs would work best for construction—and why.  Did they get it right?  Both AGC and EPA are anxious to know.  Simply direct your comments to AGC’s Leah Wood Pilconis at woodl@agc.org by February 25th. 

Preliminary Findings To Be Announced at AGC’s Upcoming Convention

Are the consultants’ findings and conclusions in line or NOT in line with your company's goals, practices, standard operating procedures, and the like?  Please let us know!  AGC’s point-of-contact at EPA (Peter G. Truitt) will give a live report on our “preliminary findings” at AGC's 2005 Convention in Las Vegas—during the “Equipment Management and Diesel Retrofit Forum” set for 3:00 p.m. on March 15th.  Following the Convention, AGC members will be given a last chance to submit last-minute concerns (based on Truitt’s report) by April 6th, prior to the report going FINAL. 

Related Developments

The environmental movement charges that the construction industry is a major contributor of airborne pollutants.  A growing number of both government and public-interest groups are pushing construction contractors to retrofit their old fleets, even though these engines remain legal to operate “as is.”  With your help, AGC and EPA ultimately hope to develop an official set of recommendations to assist public agencies in selecting retrofit incentive programs or restructuring existing programs—in lieu of government mandates for diesel retrofit.

This project is main priority of the “AGC-EPA Sector Strategies” partnership; a cooperative working relationship aimed at helping contractors overcome regulatory, economic, and other barriers to better environmental performance.  To find out more, log on to http://www.agc.org/sectorstrategies.

The final report will also supplement the related efforts of a “federal advisory committee” to provide guidance to EPA on air pollution issues.  At EPA’s request, AGC is also leading a committee workgroup that is focused on diesel retrofit.  The workgroup—including engine and emission control manufacturers, air quality planners, environmental interest groups, and EPA officials—is charged with addressing the challenges (technical, commercial, financial, and political) to further improvement in the emissions performance of old construction equipment engines. [ return to top ]