November 3, 2005 / Special Edition
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AGC's Environmental Services
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Back by Demand: AGC Environmental Management System Workshop

  Back by Demand: AGC Environmental Management System Workshop
AGC will hold its exclusive EMS training workshop series one last time in 2005.  The QUOIN Chapter is hosting this workshop in Dallas, Texas on December 5-6.  AGC does not plan to continue this workshop in 2006.  This workshop series helps position contractors to meet the demand for environmental management.  This interactive one and a half day workshop is open to all interested parties.

Owner demand for contractors with environmental management programs or systems (EMS) is growing as the market for sustainable construction matures.  Prepare to see environmental commitments being passed down the supply chain.

Responding to the need for EMS education, AGC and the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (U.S. EPA) hosted a series of hands-on training workshops in 2004 and 2005, based on AGC's new EMS guide.  AGC is offering one last workshop, scheduled for December 5-6, 2005, in Dallas, Texas.  AGC is bringing back the trainers from its previous successful workshops as well as providing time for a contractor case study (to talk about EMS in action).

These workshops are based on AGC's new EMS guide, which is the first and only EMS tool designed by (and specifically for) the construction industry.  Workshop attendees will receive a complimentary copy of AGC's guide (a $193.50 value!) and an exclusive certificate of completion signed by EPA and AGC.  To reach more AGC members with EMS education, AGC also is videotaping this workshop to develop an interactive CD-ROM.  (Each attendee can choose to be recorded or not to be recorded at this event.  AGC will offer a complimentary CD-ROM to those attendees who choose to be recorded.  AGC will not include on the final CD-ROM those attendees who choose not to be recorded.)

For additional workshop information and online registration, go to

About the Guide
AGC’s guide will help your company build an EMS in less time and at less expense than starting from scratch; however, an EMS will take time and effort to prepare.  In addition, each company’s EMS will differ.   AGC’s Constructing an Environmental Management System: Guidelines and Templates for Contractors presents the components of an EMS in three parts:

  • Section I provides detailed guidelines on each element of an EMS.  It also explains how to fulfill the purpose of each EMS element.
  • Section II contains a sample EMS for a hypothetical construction company.  It reinforces the guidelines in Section I and sets forth examples of how to develop, document, assess, refine, and communicate your EMS program and its results.  Section II also provides sample procedures and blank forms to give your company’s EMS a strong foundation.
  • A CD gives users the sample EMS in a customizable format.

More information on environmental management systems and AGC’s new guide is available online or contact Melinda Tomaino Flores at (703) 837-5415 or [ return to top ]