October 28, 2015
Welcome to the Team!
AGC Welcomes Nathan Jurowski to the Staff as AGC General Council

The Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee is pleased to announce the addition of Nathan Jurowski to the association staff as the new AGC General Counsel.  Mr. Jurowski’s wealth of experience as a practicing attorney and member of the Wisconsin State Bar uniquely positions him to provide great value to the AGC and its members.

“The AGC is excited to expand our staff team with the addition of Nathan Jurowski,” stated Chief Executive Officer, Mike Fabishak. “Recognized as one of the top construction trade associations in Wisconsin, we believe that Mr. Jurowski’s unique legal background and strong work ethic will provide a valuable asset to the Milwaukee area commercial construction industry.  Among his responsibilities will be to head AGC’s negotiation team and manage all labor relations and contract administration,” added Mr. Fabishak.

Mr. Jurowski was formerly with the Law Firm of Rizzo and Diersen, S.C.  Additionally, he has previously served as the Supplemental Court Commissioner and Reserve Guardian ad Litem for the Walworth County Courthouse.  He graduated as a Juris Doctor from the William Mitchell College of Law and possesses a BA from the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire.
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Watch this "Thirsty" Concrete Soak Up 880 Gallons of Water a Minute
It’s a bit like a large-scale magic trick. In the video above, a truck dumps gallon upon gallon of water onto the pavement, and it all seems to disappear the moment it hits the ground.
Behind the magic: Topmix Permeable, an absorbent concrete that's made by Tarmac and able to filter 880 gallons per minute through its pervious top layer. The water then goes to a drainage system where it re-enters the groundwater system.
The porous concrete could help to prevent flash floods by serving as a reservoir during heavy rain periods. It could also improve safety conditions simply by reducing puddles and overflow, plus it stays cooler than most asphalt in the sweltering months.
While the “thirsty” Topmix holds a lot of promise for many regions, it’s untenable in colder climates, where frozen water in winter months would expand and wreck the surface.

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Association Highlights
See the CLC Double Feature Photo Album & Review - Plus, Register for Our Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities...

A crowd of 50 gathered at the CG Schmidt job trailer on October 1st, ready to get an inside look at one of Milwaukee's most recent high-profile projects, the 833 E Michigan Building.  See the photo album here.  We all were a little nervous that the tour may not have happened, as a gas main was struck earlier in the day (on a separate project, naturally) and caused a leak making it necessary to evacuate the area!  Fortunately, the city inspectors gave the "all-clear" well enough in advance for the tour to proceed.  Project Manager Steve Gilbert of CG Schmidt, along with John Ford representing the Owner, Irgens, took the AGC Construction Leadership Council through the building.

For proprietary purposes, the details of the tour are limited to those who attended, so if you didn't make it this time make sure to come to our tours in the future!

Thank you Steve and John, as well as CG Schmidt and Irgens for an incredible and insightful tour!

From there the group moved to the Ale Asylum for Phase Two of the Double Feature: The Networking Event!  As guests arrived at registration, they received a mysterious envelope marked "Do Not Open" in bold red letters.  They were allowed to ponder what could be inside as they had a few drinks and appetizers until the food was served.

After everyone got a chance to feast on the delicious fare provided by the Ale Asylum, and sponsored by CG Schmidt, The Bluebook Building & Construction Network, and Clean Power (Thank You all very much!) we gathered for a few announcements, and to reveal what the top secret envelopes were for!  Inside was the nametag of another attendee.  The objective was to go around and introduce yourself to everyone until you found that person and gave them their nametag, and found the person with yours.  The first person to do so won a $20 gift card to the Ale Asylum.

Also inside the envelope was a raffle ticket, and the lucky winner of the drawing received a $50 gift card to Cabella's, just in time for hunting season!  We also drew a few more to win an AGC-CLC hi-viz safety tee shirt.  Everyone had a fun time, and the Troopers stayed on well into the evening!

Thank you to all who participated!  Next up, sign up NOW for these upcoming CLC Events!  Click on them for more details.

Thursday, November 5th: Marquette Student Roundtable

Saturday, November 7th: Fall Volunteer Event - Make A Difference Day!

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Donations Now Being Accepted for AGC's Annual Holiday Gala

AGC of Greater Milwaukee is now accepting donations for the silent auction at our Annual Holiday Gala.  Each year, we host a dinner and dance to raise money for our Education & Research Foundation, providing educational programs and scholarships at our local universities that will allow deserving students the chance to pursue their dreams of a career in construction. The Foundation’s scholarships include:

The MSOE AGC Scholarship
The Marquette University Robert Caspari Scholarship
The Marquette University Skill, Integrity, Responsibility Scholarship
The UW-Milwaukee Skill, Integrity, Responsibility Scholarship

This year it will be held on Friday, December 11th at the exclusive Westmoor Country Club in Brookfield.  Your donations are a vital part of the success of this event, the Foundation, and our future construction leaders.

Get more details on the AGC Holiday Gala Here, on the Education & Research Foundation Here, or download the Donation Form Here.

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Improve Your Productivity with AGC's Education Curriculum


October - November

For a complete list of this semester's classes visit www.agc-gm.org/events

Crane Rigging Training
October 29th
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $60 plus $20 for materials, Associate - $70 plus $20 for materials, *CBA’s - $90 plus $30 for materials, Non-Affiliated IAP - $145 plus $40 for materials.
Dan Burazin, AGC of Greater Milwaukee

In addition to qualified signalpersons and certified operators, the new OSHA crane standard requires employees who perform rigging operations to be “qualified.”  This course has been developed by the Crosby Group to assist employers in qualifying their personnel as a “Qualified Riggers” as required in the new crane standards.  The standard also requires an experience component which is not provided in this course. Note: This course is four hours in length.  To receive a card verifying their attendance in this class, attendees must be present the entire four hours.

To register, contact Kim Jalalian at kjalalian@agc-gm.org or (414) 778-4100.

Conflict and Dispute Resolution (Keys to Becoming a Better Problem Solver)
November 3rd
8:00 am to 10:00 am
Corp. GC/CM - Comp., Associate - $40, *CBA’s - $50, Non-Affiliated IAP - $75

Construction projects force team members to face one conflict after another from start to finish.  Developing and understanding one’s own conflict resolution style and knowing how one is best suited for engaging in the conflict resolution process is the starting line for this session.  Participants will be led through various conflict scenarios and be challenged to consider possible outcomes and to align their own resolution styles.

Learning Objectives and Outcomes will be a follows:
- Know how to engage and interact with people of opposite thought and personality
- Be able to work through even complex issues toward resolution with more confidence

To register, contact Kim Jalalian at kjalalian@agc-gm.org or (414) 778-4100.

STP 5: Improving Productivity and Managing Project Costs
November 2nd, 4th, 9th & 12th
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $150, Associate - $270, *CBA’s - $300, Non-Affiliated IAP - $450

This course covers understanding how project estimates are compiled, how to compare actual project costs with those estimated and how to control costs to meet the estimate.  This course also details how productivity is measured, how the supervisor plays a major role in increasing jobsite productivity and how a small increase in productivity can have a significant impact on the time and cost of a project.

Unit 5 explores:

• Construction estimates
• Who controls project costs
• Reporting and analyzing actual costs
• Planning for cost control
• Labor cost variances
• Working with project partners
• Managing risk and loss potentials
• Cost control strategies
• Project-cost evaluation
• Benchmarking construction productivity
• Improving productivity through pre-planning
• New skills for effective supervision
• Personnel management
• Equipment management for productivity improvement
• Jobsite productivity, planning and scheduling
• Quantifying labor cost productivity
• Record keeping, control, changes, and defect analysis

To register, contact Kim Jalalian at kjalalian@agc-gm.org or (414) 778-4100.

For a complete list of this semester's classes visit www.agc-gm.org/events
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Spotlight on Savings More Members are Saving with the Verizon Discount!

An article in a July issue of the AGC E-News alerted our members to the extraordinary 22% discount they could receive on Verizon phone service in a program available through AGC and specifically designed for contractors.  Several AGC members took advantage of the potential savings and by making a simple phone call to National Purchasing Partners (NPP) they are now saving significant money on their monthly Verizon bill.  The amounts vary based on usage but reports from these members indicate savings from $150 to nearly $1,000 monthly.  Other members who’ve been in the program longer are realizing savings much higher.

So why aren’t you enjoying a 22% discount on your monthly wireless bill by signing up for the AGC/NPP Verizon program?  There is no additional charge for the program and the savings are yours through your membership with AGC! The discount is also available even if you are already a Verizon customer. Just sign-on to the program and start saving money every month!

Additional savings are available on accessories as well as an 18% discount on personal phones used by you and your employees.

For more information contact Kim Jalalian, 414-778-4100 or call NPP directly, 800-810-3909.

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In the News
Northwestern Mutual to Build a Second Tower in Downtown Milwaukee 33 stories, $100 Million

Northwestern Mutual, which already is building a 32-story, $450 million headquarters office in downtown Milwaukee, said it plans to construct a 33-story, mixed-use development across from the headquarters.

Northwestern Mutual estimates the project cost at more than $100 million. It will be built on property the company already owns on the block bounded by North Van Buren, North Jackson, East Mason and East Wells streets immediately to the northwest of the existing headquarters.

The 925,600-square-foot building will include a 25-story residential high-rise above an eight-story parking garage with 1,100 parking stalls.

The residential portion will consist of 308 high-end apartment units and 16 penthouse units with extensive views of Lake Michigan and downtown, the company said. The project will have retail space on the ground floor along Jackson, Mason and Van Buren streets.

The project is being developed as an investment property by Northwestern Mutual Real Estate, which is the company’s real estate investment arm and one of the largest such investors in the United States.

“The development is an important addition to our diverse investment portfolio, which produces significant benefits to the company’s millions of clients,” the company said in a press release.

The announcement Monday afternoon far exceeds the expectations that many observers likely had when Northwestern Mutual executives bought properties near the headquarters campus for future parking needs and a possible mixed-use project. The company initiated the search for a parking site after the Milwaukee County board rejected Northwestern Mutual’s offer to buy the county-owned O’Donnell Park parking structure in December 2014.

The Northwestern Mutual residential tower is the latest in a series of major downtown developments already underway or planned in the near future.

Besides the NM corporate tower, the 833 East office building from Irgens Development is nearly complete on East Michigan Street. Milwaukee developer Rick Barrett plans the high-rise Couture just south of O’Donnell Park and Johnson Controls Inc. is studying land to the south of the Couture site for an office project.

On the west side of downtown, the Milwaukee Bucks are preparing to break ground in coming months on a $500 million arena project and $400 million in mixed-use projects on the Park East corridor.

Northwestern Mutual said the 32-story building “will go beyond our own immediate parking needs to help create a destination for future residents looking to live in the heart of downtown Milwaukee.”

Demolition of the buildings on the site, most of which are two to three stories, is scheduled to begin in January 2016 with construction starting in March 2016. The company expects the project to be complete and occupied by spring 2018.

“Projects like ours will draw even more talent and businesses to Milwaukee as the city continues to grow,” Northwestern Mutual said. “Residents and businesses in our new building will add to the growing economy of the city and provide additional support for the city’s tax base.”

The building will have one-bedroom, two-bedroom and three-bedroom units and will be faced in glass. It will feature a ninth-floor rooftop swimming pool, an outdoor fire pit, indoor golf simulator and a large fitness center. Underground parking stalls will be available exclusively for tenants.

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Massive Downtown Post Office Sold to Chicago Developers; Redevelopment in the Works

Two Chicago investors on Oct. 9 bought the downtown Milwaukee U.S. Postal Service building and plan a long-term redevelopment that could include a grocery store, other retail, offices and housing.

Matt Garrison, managing principal of R2 Cos., said the roughly 1-million-square-foot building on West St. Paul Avenue is among the “largest, most meaningful redevelopment sites in Milwaukee.” Besides renovating the current building, the new owners could build 900,000 square feet of new space on neighboring vacant land, or in a vertical expansion, he said.

R2 Cos., in a joint venture with Chicago-based Polsky Holdings, bought the property for $13.05 million on Friday. It marks the second Milwaukee acquisition for R2 Cos., which has extensive holdings in Chicago and Minneapolis. In June, it bought the three-story, 160-year-old Pettibone Mansion on West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee.

“This is a large development site that may take many years to play out because of the Post Office lease,” Garrison said. “We’ve been looking to expand that footprint in Milwaukee. We think Milwaukee is a really great city with a lot of potential. A lot of re-urbanization is happening there.”

The Postal Service leases the massive building and its current term lasts about five more years, with options for lengthy extensions, Garrison said. However, whenever the Post Office may move out, there is a major redevelopment potential.

That includes renovating the existing building to convert the first and second floors into retail space. That includes adding more windows or perhaps light wells. That concept is encouraged in the city of Milwaukee’s long-term plan for West St. Paul Avenue.

Fronting on St. Paul Avenue could be a large boutique grocery and a second store, Garrison said. The building’s southern front faces the Menomonee River, and could be renovated into restaurants, bars or other entertainment venues, he said.

“You can fit a lot of parking into that building, obviously, which is good for retailers,” Garrison said.

The top floor could be renovated into about 100,000-square-feet of office space, Garrison said.

“We’d love to find one big user to take a whole floor,” he said.

It’s a complicated building, Garrison noted. A train track runs through the middle of the structure, and the first-floor retail spaces would be built around it.

A second or third phase of the redevelopment involves construction of new building space. The existing structure can handle a vertical expansion, and there also is vacant land where new buildings could go up, Garrison said. Those could have housing, hotels or other uses, he said.

The large building has housed the post office since it was built in the late 1960s, but over the years Post Office officials have discussed potentially moving out. A local ownership group listed it for sale for the first time in May, enlisting Barry Cos.' Kurt Van Dyke and James Young to market it to buyers. Van Dyke said he expected institutional investors to make bids for the building as a long-term hold. However, the post office instead got a strong reaction from developers.

“The three best buyers were all large developers out of Chicago who were interested in coming to the Milwaukee market,” Van Dyke said.

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Joey Buona's to Move Out to Make Way for Hotel in Button Block

The historic Button Block building in downtown Milwaukee could reopen as a 94-room Hilton Homewood Suites near the beginning of 2017 under a renovation plan by Bear Development.

The $17 million project will bring more activity to the mostly vacant, seven-story building at North Water and East Clybourn streets. The new hotel could serve as a stronger link between Milwaukee’s central business district and the 3rd Ward, which is separated from the rest of downtown by interstate bridges, said S.R. Mills, president of Bear Development, Kenosha.

The city may spend $1.9 million on improvements to the area’s streets and to make the sidewalks more pedestrian-friendly. That spending plan was endorsed Thursday by the Milwaukee Redevelopment Authority.

“We think in conjunction with all of the pedestrian improvements it is going to be very walkable,” Mills said.

The Button Block building currently houses Joey Buona’s Italian Restaurant on its lower floors.The restaurant will be moving out of the building but the operator remains "committed to doing something in the Milwaukee area," Mills said.

Bear Development bought the historic building in March 2014. Mills said he wants to start renovating the building for the extended-stay hotel in January or February of 2016. He said he is seeking state and federal historic restoration tax credits to help finance the project.

The plan includes a new sidewalk level entry plaza on the northern face of the building, off Water Street. The city infrastructure spending includes $700,000 to help Bear Development build that new entrance area. That money would come through a tax incremental financing district, and be repaid by property taxes generated as that block gains value.

The street improvements also aim to encourage more people to pass below the interstate bridges between the downtown and 3rd Ward. One project underway will convert North Broadway from a one-way to a two-way street beneath the interstate between St. Paul Avenue and Clybourn Street, said Dan Casanova, senior economic development specialist at the Milwaukee Department of City Development. The city spending will add new street lights at Broadway and Clybourn Street to accommodate that change, he said.

The city also plans to add lights under the freeway bridges to make the area safer and brighter between Clybourn Street and St. Paul Avenue, Casanova said.

Bear Development has been in talks with neighboring property owner Josh Jeffers over potentially using parking spaces in a planned new building adjacent to the Button Block. That building, which would have retail space, a parking structure and housing, would go up on the parking lot east of the Button Block. Mills said he is taking with the neighbors over using the existing surface parking lot and potentially spaces in the planned new building to serve the hotel.

“We’d love to work with the neighboring property owners to serve the need for the hotel,” Mills said.

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Welcome to the Team!
AGC Welcomes Nathan Jurowski to the Staff as AGC General Council
Watch this "Thirsty" Concrete Soak Up 880 Gallons of Water a Minute
Association Highlights
See the CLC Double Feature Photo Album & Review - Plus, Register for Our Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities...
Donations Now Being Accepted for AGC's Annual Holiday Gala
Improve Your Productivity with AGC's Education Curriculum
Spotlight on Savings More Members are Saving with the Verizon Discount!
In the News
Northwestern Mutual to Build a Second Tower in Downtown Milwaukee 33 stories, $100 Million
Massive Downtown Post Office Sold to Chicago Developers; Redevelopment in the Works
Joey Buona's to Move Out to Make Way for Hotel in Button Block
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