March 2, 2017
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Last Chance to Register: OSHA’s Silica Rule is Coming! – Are You Prepared???
Class Size is Limited - Register Now!!

OSHA’s Silica Rule is Coming! – ARE YOU PREPARED???

March 10, 2017
Registration: 8:30 am; Program: 9:00 am to 3:00 pm
Alioto’s Restaurant – 3041 N Mayfair Rd., Wauwatosa
Continental Breakfast and Lunch Included
Cost: $150 per person

Recently, a meeting of the Associated General Contractors of America’s Safety and Health Advisory Committee was held. One recurring issue that was on every attendee’s mind was the upcoming OSHA regulation involving exposure to respirable crystalline silica. This new construction standard, which is slated to hit enforcement on June 23, 2017, will affect all trades and many common construction operations. The Construction Industry appears to be somewhat unprepared for this new regulation.

Producing respirable crystalline silica occurs frequently on construction sites. And when it does, it happens ‘right now.’  The material is present in many of the products you use every day. Products like concrete, masonry and sand all have the potential to contain silica. Grinding, cutting and drilling are operations that cause the silica to become “respirable.” Sampling is one way we can determine whether a hazard exists. But many times, scheduling a vendor to sample may not work out due to scheduling. One possible solution would be to have company personnel trained in proper sampling procedures.

Here at the AGC, we have put together a training class for your representatives to learn what is involved in taking samples at your site. They will also learn where they can rent or buy the equipment to perform the sampling. And finally, they will learn how the sample should be handled and who should receive the completed sample. From that point, qualified industrial hygienists will be able to analyze the data and determine if your work crews are at risk.
If you have personnel that you would like to have attend this training, please refer to the attached flyer for further information and to register for the class. Attendees will receive a certification of completion. Class size is limited so act now!

Don’t get caught unaware. Register today!

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CLC Student Socia-Bowl! The Lanes are Set for Wednesday, March 22nd!

Have some time to Spare to Strike up a conversation with our Student Chapters at the CLC Socia-Bowl?  Join us at the Marquette Sports Annex on Wednesday, March 22nd at 5 pm.

Much like our previous Roundtable events, we are reaching out to our Student Chapters to give them a chance to talk with local industry professionals, with the added element of enjoying a fun game of bowling.  Also like our Roundtable events, we are looking for a mix of perspectives and experiences for the students to draw from.  Thus, we are looking for 12 representatives from our General Contractor Members and 12 representatives from our Subcontractor Members to join a student from both of our Student Chapters on the Annex's 12 lanes.

We also have food sponsorship opportunities available for this event.  For a $100 sponsorship, sponsors will receive prominent signage at the event, verbal thanks during announcements, and recognition in our media such as the E-News and social media outlets.

Thank you to our current food sponsors:
CG Schmidt, Inc.
JF Ahern Co.

JH Findorff & Son Inc

We hope you can join us in engaging the next generation of industry professionals!  Please see the flier for full event details.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Brian Eigenfeld at or (414) 778-4100.

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Construction Industry Invests in Recruits
by Mike Fabishak, Milwaukee Business Journal Op-Ed

Sitting in the boiler-house on the old Pabst Brewing Co. grounds, I am reminded of the craftsmanship that built this city.

Rows of exposed brick, laid more than 100 years ago, reveal that an investment in our people is truly an investment in our future.  I know from my three decades in the construction industry that belief in this core tenet remains as strong today as it was when these walls were first erected.

Our local construction industry provides economic stability, worthwhile career paths, and the infrastructure and buildings upon which our society depends.

Southeastern Wisconsin is exceptional for the number of dedicated contractors who call this area home.  Because the strength of our economy is often intertwined with that of the construction industry, we are fortunate that our industry has always included discerning business leaders willing to take the lead in cultivating its workforce.  This philosophy remains, even as the demands of modern construction continue to constrain resources.

For more than a century, our industry has supported apprenticeship training, providing the resources necessary for careers in the trades.  Contractors provide guidance and financial support, ensuring hands-on experience in our training facilities and on the job sites.

Through the cultivation of a nationally recognized pre-apprenticeship program, our industry has taken an innovative approach to workforce development.  WRTP/BIG STEP recruits and prepares candidates for careers in the construction industry.  Contractors invest directly in this program, which in turn produces a highly skilled and diverse workforce, ready to meet the employment needs of tomorrow.

The tangible nature of our legacy is unique among industries, as our accomplishments are all in public view.  Few industries have their work on permanent display, and few have such an enduring responsibility to future generations.  We take for granted that these structures are expected to be imperishable.  And that’s OK – it means the industry is doing its job.

Nonetheless, these structures are a shining example of our industry’s adherence to the principles of reliance on and investment in oneself.

Our contractors continue to invest in recruiting and training hardworking men and women for long-term, rewarding careers.  These contractors now stand on the foundations built by the leaders of the past.  They take pride in knowing that our industry will be just as strong tomorrow as the structures our skilled craftsmen build today.

-as printed in the Milwaukee Business Journal

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AGC's March Education Calendar


March 2017

For a complete list of this semester's classes visit
To Register for any classes, contact our Education Director, Kim Jalalian at or (414) 778-4100


STP 4: Contract Documents
March 6th, 8th, 13th & 15th
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $175, Associate - $270, *CBA’s - $300, Non-Affiliated IAP - $450
Attorney Nathan Jurowski, AGC of Greater Milwaukee

This course will provide information about contract documents and construction law to help supervisors recognize the roles and responsibilities of all contracted parties, to develop an understanding of how contract documents can be helpful to solve problems and resolve conflicts, and to develop positive relationships between all parties in the construction process.

Unit 4 Explores:
• Introduction to contract documents and construction law
• Creating a positive environment through partnering
• Contractual relationships
• Contract forms and documents
• Managing general conditions
• Good documentation practices
• The schedule as documentation
• Changes
• Differing site conditions
• Time impacts
• Negotiation of resolutions

Employment Law: Worker’s Compensation
March 14th
8:00 am to 9:30 am
Corp. GC/CM - Comp., Associate - $40, CBA’s - $50, Non Affiliated IAP - $75
David Leix, CSP, Safety & Risk Manager, Worker’s Compensation Division, Wisconsin Department of Workforce Development

Mr. Leix is a Worker’s Comp. expert, with four decades of experience in safety and the insurance industry. He will help you navigate the complexities of the worker’s comp., to help you stay compliant with your obligations under the law.

Topics will include recent changes in the law, how rates are calculated, and contractors’ rights and obligations. This seminar will be highly interactive, questions are encouraged.

Lean Construction Unit 3: Lean Workstructuring
March 20th
1:00 pm to 5:00 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $200, Associate - $250, CBA’s - $350, Non-Affiliated IAP - $450
Professor Mark Federle, Marquette University

Unit 3: Lean Workstructuring is a four-hour course that will be offered at AGC Chapters across the country.  Following completion of this course, participants will be able to:

• Apply the methods and tools utilized in pull planning
• Describe the concept of Lean Workstructuring
• Outline the desired products of Lean Workstructuring
• Describe the characteristics and application of the Last Planner System

Qualified Crane Signalperson Training
March 21st
4:30 pm to 7:30 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $25, Associate - $40, *CBA’s - $50, Non-Affiliated IAP - $80
Dan Burazin, AGC of Greater Milwaukee

OSHA requires you to meet new requirements under the Crane Standard for Construction Operations – Subpart CC.  Effective November of 2010, anyone performing crane signals on a construction site has to be “qualified.”  For your employees to fit into this category, they must: be competent in the application of the types of signals used, have a basic understanding of crane operations and limitations, know and understand the new crane standard as it applies to signaling, and demonstrate all of the above through testing.  This new course will help contractors meet their obligations under this newly revised standard.
Intended Audience:  This training is intended for anyone who intends to perform signalperson duties on construction jobsites.  

Crane Rigging Training
March 22nd
4:00 pm to 8:00 pm
Corp. GC/CM - $60 plus $20 for materials, Associate - $75 plus $20 for materials, *CBA’s - $90 plus $30 for materials, Non-Affiliated IAP - $145 plus $40 for materials.
Dan Burazin, AGC of Greater Milwaukee

In addition to qualified signalpersons and certified operators, the new OSHA crane standard requires employees who perform rigging operations to be “qualified.”  This course has been developed by the Crosby Group to assist employers in qualifying their personnel as “Qualified Riggers” as required in the new crane standards.  The standard also requires an experience component which is not provided in this course. Note: This course is four hours in length.  To receive a card verifying their attendance in this class, attendees must be present the entire four hours.

For a complete list of this semester's classes visit
To Register for any classes, contact our Education Director, Kim Jalalian at or (414) 778-4100
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AGC of America Launches New Advocacy Website
The new website is designed specifically for AGC member companies and their employees, the new website will make it extremely easy to communicate with federal and state officials, as well as take action on urgent legislative and regulatory alerts.  Check it out Here!
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In the News
Slideshow: See Latest Milestone in Bucks' Arena Construction

Construction of the downtown Milwaukee arena for the Milwaukee Bucks hit a major milestone this past week as work crews put in place the first precast stadia, which will serve as a concrete support structure for the seating area. Check out the slideshow of the construction process and overall site put together by Milwaukee Business Journal freelance photographer Kenny Yoo.

The pre-cast concrete blocks eventually will make up rows of seats in the $524 million arena. Officials with Mortenson Construction, construction manager on the arena project, said reaching this milestone means they are about 25 percent through the job.

"I'm a little choked up. I can't believe I am, but it's just incredible. I mean, it's really formed. We're seeing the form of a new arena that was just a groundbreaking in June so this is happening really quickly," Bucks president Peter Feigin said.

Construction executives said using the concrete to build the concourses and both upper and lower levels will consume work on the second shift for the next four months. From there, much of the roof will be closed and then workers will be filling more of the seating area.

J.H. Findorff & Son of Milwaukee is overseeing construction of a parking structure and J.P. Cullen & Sons of Brookfield is leading the building of the practice facility.

The arena project is expected to be completed in time for the 2018-'19 season

Read Original Article

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Aerotropolis Plan Seeks to Unite Development Efforts Around Mitchell Airport

A broad-ranging plan released Monday seeks to rally municipalities surrounding General Mitchell International Airport around efforts to attract more development and add more transportation options.

The plan covers much of southern Milwaukee County, recommending ways the airport can be used as a tool to promote more activity. It was released Monday by Aerotropolis Milwaukee, an organization founded in 2009 that is led by business people and local government officials.

Greenfield Mayor Michael Neitzke, who is an Aerotropolis board member, said the airport is an important asset as the region competes globally for jobs and investment.

“It is critically important that those communities that may have been fragmented around the airport are taking a cohesive approach,” he said.

There’s a range of transportation projects in the plan, and several properties recommended for future development.

For example, the plan supports the southern extension of Lake Parkway to Ryan Road in Oak Creek. It recommends a north-south rapid transit line that would connect Northwestern Mutual’s Franklin campus with downtown Milwaukee. That line would run primarily on Howell Avenue and South First Street.

The plan also focuses on six growth areas, many of which are already the target of local planning efforts. Those include land around East Layton and South Pennsylvania Avenue, where Cudahy owns about 30 acres and is pursuing a mixed-use development with apartments, stores and a hotel.

Also included is land south of Oakwood Road on both sides of Interstate 94. Franklin officials are laying plans to build a business park in that area west of South 27th Street.

Another area is the former park-and-ride property at Loomis Road and Interstate 894, where the city of Greenfield is trying to attract new development. The Aerotropolis plan sees potential for new mixed-use development along Loomis Road there, with buildings combining first-floor retail space with upper-floor offices. It also recommends job-creating office or light industrial development on the park-and-ride land.

Neitzke said that property’s proximity to the airport is an important selling point.

“We’re looking for whatever provides the best long-term value to the city,” Neitzke said.

The Aerotropolis planning area includes land in five municipalities, not counting Milwaukee County, each with their own long-range development plans for their respective lands within the district. The plan is intended to guide and help coordinate development and project planning by those local governments.

“The plan recognizes and addresses the unique challenges related to achieving Aerotropolis Milwaukee that surrounding communities face as they work to stimulate economic development and enhance the quality of life for their constituents,” said Aerotropolis Milwaukee board president and developer Scott Yauck. “The plan also identifies where future airport-oriented growth and economic development should occur and suggests modest changes to each community’s comprehensive plan.”

Aerotropolis officials this week will begin visiting plan commissions for those local municipalities to share details of the new plan. Neitzke said he will ask Greenfield’s Common Council to endorse the plan.

“It starts with some identifiable areas that are ripe for cooperation and redevelopment, and I expect there could be more in the future,” Neitzke said.

The Southeast Wisconsin Regional Planning Commission, or SEWRPC, also participated in the Aerotropolis plan. The commission last year completed a long-range plan to guide regional transportation projects through 2050. Projects in that 2050 plan also are included in the Aerotropolis recommendations.

“A critical component of Aerotropolis Milwaukee’s success will be high-quality, multimodal transportation infrastructure and services to serve the Aerotropolis growth areas,” said SEWRPC executive director Michael Hahn.

Read Original Article

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Last Chance to Register: OSHA’s Silica Rule is Coming! – Are You Prepared???
CLC Student Socia-Bowl! The Lanes are Set for Wednesday, March 22nd!
Construction Industry Invests in Recruits
AGC's March Education Calendar
AGC of America Launches New Advocacy Website
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Slideshow: See Latest Milestone in Bucks' Arena Construction
Aerotropolis Plan Seeks to Unite Development Efforts Around Mitchell Airport
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