September 4, 2020
Wishing All of You and Your Families a Safe and Enjoyable Labor Day Weekend

As we get ready to celebrate Labor Day Weekend, we just want to say a special thank you to all the construction workers out there making incredible contributions to our industry and our country.

We hope everyone has a safe and happy Labor Day Weekend!

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AGC News
We Kept America Building - AGC of America Special Report

AGC of America made sure construction work was classified as essential in most parts of the country during the coronavirus pandemic. Despite early calls to halt most forms of construction, we were able to push back by successfully making the case the industry has a proven track record of complying with complex safety rules; most construction happens outdoors with good air circulation; and the industry was accustomed to wearing personal protection equipment like masks.

Getting the Feds to Label Construction as Essential
AGC of America worked with officials at the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency to ensure that construction was included in its guidance to states of which industries should be considered essential during the pandemic. One reason for that is AGC members sent over 50,000 letters to the agency urging themto keep construction essential.We later worked with the agencyto expand its definition of construction to include...Read full report here.

Check out this great video AGC of America made to celebrate industry in  the pat few months and how they kept America building